Scoter Trail

scotor trail ns2One of many birds seen in and around the waters of Patricia Bay is the sea bird called a scoter. An example is the surf scoter, Melanitta perspicillata, with its black stocky body and a couple of white spots on its head and neck. Its bill typically looks slightly swollen and may or not have an bright orange band. Scoter Trail starts near Patricia Bay Beach Park and continues northward about a kilometer along the shores of Patricia Bay. This walking trail has some paved and gravel sections as well a couple of staircases that lead up to West Saanich Road. Wsiken Creek flows into Patricia Bay just past the end of Scoter Trail. The waters of Patricia Bay may warm up enough for swimming during the summer months.

Geographic coordinates N48° 39′ 14″ W123° 26′ 44″

Scoter Trail can be reached from Pat Bay Highway.  Turn left onto Beacon Avenue and follow the road as it turns to eventually become McDonald Park Road. At the intersection turn left onto Mills Road.  Continue on Mills Road to reach West Saanich Road. Turn left onto West Saanich Road and for the signage for Patricia Bay Beach Park and the small paved parking area near the toilets. Scoter Trail can be access from the northern end of this park or from several pathways off of West Saanich Road to the north of this point. There is limited roadside parking along West Saanich Road.

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