Walks in Your Backyard

A pocket guide to Sidney-by-the-Sea Parks, Playgrounds and Green Spaces

copyright 2014 Roberta V. Eckard

Sidney lies on the eastern coast of Saanish Peninsula and is a community in the Capital Regional District of British Columbia.

This blog describes the parks, playgrounds, and green spaces within Sidney from north to south and east to west, mostly.  This blog is written to encourage you to explore the outdoors in your neighborhood by foot. There are stimulating walks and breathtaking sights in your backyard. Walking in established residential areas has the added bonus of frequent rest stops for young and old.  Each place can take less than an hour to explore.  A brief description of the nature of each park is provided with directions.

As all else, trails are altered and the conditions of the parks, playgrounds and green spaces that I describe in this blog change.  As I cannot be held responsible for errors or discrepancies in the text, I ask that you help to keep this blog current and useful. For the enjoyment of all parks, playgrounds and green spaces, please carry out any litter, respect adjacent property, keep dogs on a leash, and do not pick the wildflowers, mushrooms or other vegetation. And, of course, the geographical locations that are provided are dependent on the stability of network that forms the global positioning system.

 Exploration is footsteps away in your backyard.

North Saanich Middle School Green Space

Resthaven Linear Park

Resthaven Park

White Birch Green Space

Armstrong Point Beach Accesses

Roberts Bay Ecological Reserve

Melville Park

Beaver Park

Rathdown Park

Mermaid Park

Fifth Street Public Beach Access

Roberts Point Public Beach Accesses

Melissa Playground Park

Swiftsure Park

Wellness Park

Rose Garden

Sidney Elementary School Green Space

Municipal Building Gardens

Bevan Park

Mary Winspear Center Greenspace

Water Front Walkway

Seaport Park

Beacon Park

Eastview Park

Welcome to Sidney-by the Sea Green Space

Tulista Park

Iroquois Park

Lochside Waterfront Park

Lochside Regional Trail

Frost Avenue Park

Maryland Park

Philip Brethour Park and Brethour Family Cemetery

Greenglade Community Center Green Space

Reay Creek Park

Peter Grant Park


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