I love getting out for walks and often laugh with my family and friends that I’ve visited nearly every park, garden and green space that I can find. Nature is where it is at for me. And I would like to see you outdoors becoming nature smart and learning about the natural history too.

This blog describes the parks, playgrounds, and green spaces within the CRD (Capital Regional District)of British Columbia, Canada.  Its goal is to encourage you to explore your neighborhood by foot. Each place takes less than an hour to explore.  Exploring your community by foot is wonderful and healthy way to experience the areas around your backyard. Walking in established residential areas has the added bonus of frequent rest stops for young and old.  It is a great way to get out of your house with limited use of your car.  There are stimulating walks and breathtaking sights in your backyard. The parks, playgrounds and green spaces are described from north to south.  A brief description of the nature of each place is provided with directions.

Please note that the conditions and the GPS attribute of the trails, parks and green spaces that I describe in this blog change.  I ask that you help to keep this information current and useful.  For the enjoyment of all parks, playgrounds, and green spaces, please carry out any litter, respect adjacent property, and do not pick the wildflowers, mushrooms or other vegetation.  Although specific parks may differ please pick up after your pet and keep dogs on a leash.

 Exploration is footsteps away in your backyard.

P.S. You may wonder what helps to keep me healthy. Well,  simple and excellent methods…walking daily makes a huge difference in my life but so does my diet. I made a significant change eighteen years ago.  Learn how you can make the same easy difference in your life too.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you so much for following my blog thus leading me to yours – I’m looking forward to reading more of yours as it looks so interesting!

  2. You sound like you’d fit in very well here in the San Juans! As a matter of fact, we’re headed over to another island today for a “backyard hike.” Here’s to beauty and health in our own backyards!

  3. Hello. I have been a full time resident of Piers Island for over 30 years. Although the road is technically public, the entire island including the centre forest is completely privately owned. Since garbage, dog feces, cigarette butts leading to forest fires are the continuing problem of day trippers here to simply get in a daily walk….please consider removing Piers as a destination for your readers. Lynn Pritchett lynn@piersisland.net

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