Chancellor Park

Chancellor Park tree Chancellor Park swings

Chancellor Park is a neighborhood park in View Royal, B.C., with a playground, picnic table, and water fountain. The playground equipment is on a coarse sand base. The slide is a tall and stands next to the four swings, two for toddlers and two for children. A climbing tunnel is also fun to play on. There are benches along the pathway through the park. The Galloping Goose Trail passes along the north side of the parkland. This trail also forms a section of Trans Canada Trail.  There is access to the park from Cheltenham Street. The shrubs and trees in this approximately half a hectare parkland provide shade over some of the benches and grass covered areas. Hospital Creek lies on the western edge of the parkland. This creek flows into Portage Inlet and drains about a two hundred and forty hectare area. This park provides a welcome respite during a bike ride or after a visit to the hospital as the concrete wood-like fence provides a noise barrier from the traffic on the freeway. Conrad Street Green Space, Knockan Hill Park, Tawny Park and Welland Legacy Park are nearby as is the Victoria General Hospital Green Space and Eagle Pacific Park.


Geographic location N48° 27’ 53.3” W123° 25’ 39.3”


You can get to Chancellor Park from the Trans Canada Highway (Hwy1). Take the Helmcken Road exit (Exit 8) off Hwy1. Then turn right at the intersection of Watkiss Way and Chancellor Avenue; that is away from the hospital seen to the left. The park is at the junction with Quincy Avenue where there is a small parking area. City buses travel along Helmcken Road toward the hospital.

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