Sunny Beach Access


Sunny Beach Access is a beach access in the community of Oak Bay, one of thirteen communities that compose the Capital Regional District of British Columbia. This green space provides access to a cobble sand cove that is surrounded by granodiorite rocks. There is a wonderful view is to the east with Trail Islands and the San Juan island resting on the Salish Sea. McNeill Bay is immediately to the left and Sunny Green Space is west across King George Terrace.

Geographic Location N48º 24’ 39”  W123º 19’ 3”

Sunny Green Space can be reached from the Trans-Canada Highway. Continue along the Hwy 1 into Victoria as it becomes Douglas Street. Turn off Douglas onto Hillside Avenue to head east. Stay on Hillside Avenue as it becomes Lansdowne Road. Continue along Lansdowne Road to reach Foul Bay Road. Continue along Foul Bay Road to reach Fairfield Road. Turn left onto Fairfield Road and continue along to Beach Avenue. Turn right onto Beach Avenue then make a left onto Sunny Lane which looks like a shared driveway. The trail to the ocean is at the end of the lane. There is limited parking in this residential area.  City buses travel close to this park.

Devonian Regional Park

Devonian Regional Park is in the District of Metchosin, a coastal community in the Capital Regional District of British Columbia. This ocean front park was acquired from the Devonian Foundation Alberta, formed by the lawyer, oil man and philanthropic Eric Harvie, and the provincial government in 1980. It is one hundred and thirty five square kilometers of forest area with Sherwood Pond providing a wetland oasis amongst the Douglas fir and Garry oak woodlands. The kinglet, great horned owl and pileated woodpecker might be sighted in the park. This wildlife sanctuary is tucked into the gently rolling landscape between Metchosin farms. A bridle trail lies along the southern perimeter of the park. There are parking and picnic areas. Sherwood Creek flows into the pond and acts as guide for the well-trodden footpaths. The Douglas fir and arbutus trees in the park can be explored by strolling along the gravel trails. The main trail leads through the forest about twelve hundred meters to reach the cobble and pebble Taylor Beach that lies on Parry Bay. The beach overlooks the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Olympic Mountains. Witty’s Lagoon can be reached by strolling along the water eastward along Taylor Beach. The distance is about six kilometer round trip. Taylor Green Space is about five hundred meters eastward along the waters edge. At the park entrance is a small parking area with toilets. Benches can be found in this park too.

Geographical location N48º 21’ 57” W123º 32’ 32”

Devonian Regional Park can be reached from Highway 1 when you exit at the Millstream /Veteran Memorial Parkway exit. Head south along the Veteran Memorial Parkway to reach Latoria Road. Turn left onto Latoria Road and continue along to reach Metchosin Road. Turn right onto Metchosin Road and watch for the signs to Witty’s Lagoon Regional Park. Continue along Metchosin Road past the junction with Happy Valley Road. The name changes to William Head Road. Continue along until you see the signpost for the park on the left. There is small parking area. City buses travel along Metchosin Road.

Valley View Pond Park

Wild Pond park 2

Valley View Pond Park is located in the Happy Valley neighborhood of Langford, B.C. The footpath in this path is along a small creek that flows from the Olympic View Golf Course. A series of small ponds and small earth dams makes the parkland unique. There are cottonwood and cedar trees in the park as well as many shrubs such as blackberries, ocean spray and hardhack. The footpath is about four hundred meters long and connects with the turnabout at the end of Wild Pond Lane and Wild Country Lane. The elevation change is slight. Willing Park, Wild Ridge Park, Vitality Park, Loma Linda Park and the Southern Vancouver Island Rangers Green Space are nearby.

Geographic location N48° 24’32”  W123°32’11”


Valley View Pond Park can be reached from the Trans Canada Highway also called Hwy1. Turn at Millstream exit and continue south to reach Veteran’s Memorial Parkway. Continue on the Parkway to reach Latoria Road. Turn right onto Latoria Road and continue to Happy Valley Road. Turn left onto Happy Valley Road and turn left onto Wild Ridge Way. Continue past the park and baseball diamond that is on the left and look for Wild Berry Bend at the traffic circle. The park trail is seen on the right side across from 982 and to the left of 979 Wild Ridge Way. There is limited roadside parking. City buses travel along Happy Valley Road.

Ed Nixon Trail – Langford Lake Park

The Ed Nixon Trail lies along the southern half of Langford Lake in Langford, B.C. This trail is within Langford Lake Park and is about two kilometers in lenght. The trail is extended by including pathways that parallel Goldstream Avenue and Leigh Road to create a four and half kilometer circle route. This footpath is wheelchair accessible over rough gravel with several portions as elevated boardwalks. The boardwalks are over wetland that help to protect marshlands found along the trail. The marsh lands include skunk cabbage, spirea, sedges, willows and several grasses. The trail is shaded by tall Douglas fir trees, as well as a few cottonwood and cedar trees. A stroll along the pathway allows connection to several other Langford Lake Parks: Lakeshore Place Park, Shelby Park, Flute Lane Park, Le Quesne Park and Leigh Beach Park.


Geographic location N48° 26’57”  W123°19


The Ed Nixon Trail can be reached from the Trans Canada Highway also called Hwy1. Turn at Leigh Road exit and continue along to turn left onto Goldstream Avenue. Follow Goldstream Avenue to reach a large parking area. The Trans Canada Highway once exited onto Goldstream Avenue in this area (but is now closed).  The trail is to the southwest or left as your enter the parking area. This is a good staging area for larger groups using the pathway. City buses travel along Goldstream Avenue.

Duffus Trail Park

Duffus Trail Mill Stream view point  8 Duffus Trail 1 Mill Stream view point

Duffus Trail is along the northwest side of the floodplain of Mill Stream in View Royal, B.C. The gravel and grass trail is also bordered by residential homes and a split-cedar fence. The trail from the road is along a twenty meter long concrete pathway between two homes. Then take the four flights of wooden stairs: two with ten steps and two with fourteen steps to the shoreline and pathway. The three hundred meter long gravel and grass pathway follows the shoreline of muddy tidal estuary area of Mill Stream. Mill Stream, or Millstream Creek as it is often called, is the main waterway in a watershed that starts in the Gowlland Tod range of the Highlands and includes seven lakes and numerous ponds. A visit to Duffus Trail Park allows you to enjoy views of cedar trees and sword ferns along the southern slopes of the stream. The wetlands near the stream are bordered by several plants like scotch broom and alder trees. Maureen Duffus is an author known for local history of Southern Vancouver Island and raised her family in the area. There are benches along the walkway which makes it a good place to observe local and migratory water birds such as Canada geese, widgeons, gadwell, herons, cormorants, loons, mallards, mergansers and gulls. Burchill Park and Parson’s Access Park is nearby as it is Mill Cove Park and the Galloping Goose Trail.

Geographical location N48° 27’ 18” W123° 27’ 55”

Duffus Trail Park can be accessed from the Trans Canada Highway, Hwy1. Exit onto the Old Island Highway and stay to the left to merge with traffic going under the freeway and railway overpasses. Turn onto Six Mile Road and continue to Atkin Road. Turn left onto Atkin Road then left again onto Anya Lane, marked as a private road. The lane is narrow and winds through the private homes and past the Pollock Farm to reach Anya Court. The park access is between homes 302 and 305. There is limited roadside parking along Anya Court or Anya Lane. City buses travel along the Atkin Road.

Shoreline – Craigowan Green Space

Shoreline Road GS 3 Shoreline Road GS 9

Shoreline– Craigowan Green Space is along the shore of Portage Inlet although a variety of trees limits the access and view of the water. It is found along the Christie Point neighborhood of View Royal, B.C. There are willow, spruce, pine, fir and big leaf maple trees in this small green space. Snowberry and blackberry bushes also have a foothold on this site. On a properties nearby there are several arbutus trees and a giant sequoia tree. This is an interesting area to explore in your backyard. It is found at the end of Shoreline Drive near the junction with Craigowan Road to the Christie Point multi-residence complex. Shoreline Middle School Green Space and Shoreline Drive Green spaces are nearby.


Geographical location N48° 27’ 19” W123° 25’ 39”


Shoreline– Craigowan Green Space scan be reached from the Trans Canada Highway (Hwy 1) Turn south onto Admirals Road (McKenzie Avenue is north from this intersection). Stay on Admirals Road and cross over the Craigflower Bridge, at which point the road names changes to Craigflower Road. Turn right onto the Island Highway. Take the next right onto Shoreline Drive and continue to the end of the road. There is limited parking along Shoreline Drive. City buses travel along the Old Island Highway.

Stoneridge Wetland Park

Stoneridge Wetland Park, View Royal

Stoneridge Wetland Park has a small open waterway surrounded by cattails, sedges and aquatic grasses with the riparian vegetation of ash, hardhack, Nootka rose and other shrubs. This wetland is filled by precipitation and storm drain run-off from the Stoneridge residential area. The run-off is treated with a simple filtration system before entering the marsh. The park provides nesting sites for mallard ducks, Canada geese, northern pintail, hooded merganser and bufflehead as well as cedar waxwings, blue heron, owls, ravens and woodpeckers. A split cedar rail borders the one hundred and eighty meter long gravel pathway along the southern side of the wetlands. The pathway connects the bus stop along Watkiss Way to both Stoneridge Drive and Place. There are a couple of benches along the pathway. Aldersmith Park, Victoria General Hospital Green Space, Game Road Park, Eagle Pacific Park, Chancellor Park, the Galloping Goose Trail, Trans Canada Trail and Eagle View Elementary School Green Space are nearby.


Geographic location N48° 27’ 60” W123° 26’ 19”


Stoneridge Wetland Park can be reached from Hwy1, the Trans Canada Highway. Take the Helmcken Road exit (Exit 8) to the intersection of Watkiss Way and Chancellor Avenue and turn left onto Watkiss Way. Continue to Stoneridge Drive which turns right into the residential area. Stay right, again, onto Stoneridge Place. The park is at the end of the road where there is a small parking area. City buses travel to near this parkland along Watkiss Way.