West Port Marina Green Space

This is a small semi-private green space located on the property of West Port Marina. Frequented mostly by the staff, it is a great spot to take a break from your boat work and activities. There are several picnic tables surrounded by a lovely lawn. The green space provides views of the moored yachts and waters of Tsehum Harbour and makes a pleasant place to wait for your ship to arrive.

Geographic position N48° 40’ 50” W123° 24’ 44”

You can get to West Port Marina Green Space from Pat Bay Highway.  Before you reach ferry terminal stay on the road as it exits to the right. At the lights, called Lands End Road, turn right on to a short street called Kitti Wake Place. Turn right again on to Curteis Road then left onto Tryon Road. Look for the signs that lead to West Port Marina. The green space is surrounded by the storage area and parking lots for the West Port Marina and facilities.

Prentice Pond Park

Named and built by Captain J.D. Prentice, a distinguished captain of the Royal Navy and the Royal Canadian Navy, Prentice Pond Park has a shoreline trail along the edge of the fresh water pond. This is a peaceful small pond surrounded by Douglas-fir, western red cedars, alders and black cottonwood trees. It lies the low wetslands of this North Sannich’s Swartz Head neighborhood. The area also has a few blackberries mixed among the ferns and salal. If you are quiet enough you’ll see the ducks and other birds that make use of the shallow muddy waters. The trail connects with Boas Road and Dunne Road to the east and to Tryon Place to the north.

Prentice Park Pond

Geographic location N48° 40’ 44”  W123° 24’ 28”

You can get to Prentice Pond Park from Pat Bay Highway.  Before you reach ferry terminal follow the signs that lead to Lands End Road.  Turn east on Kitti Wake Place the south toward West Port Marina to follow the curves and hills of Tryon Road to Prentice Place. Alternatively turn off at Tryon Place from Tryon Road and look for the trail near the end of the street. Or access Dunne and Boas roads from Kitti Wake Place by turning left onto Curteis Road. Continue on Curteis Road to Dunne Road terminus for the trail. Continue past Dunne Road onto Kedge Anchor Road onto Inwood Road. Boas Road branches off near the junction of those roads. The trail is at a green space part way up the slight hill. There is limited roadside parking at all locations.