Carnarvon Park

Carnarvon Park is in the seaside community of Oak Bay which is part of the Capital Regional District of British Columbia. This park is a small multifaceted jewel in Oak Bay. In the late eighteen hundreds, this area was developed as the Willows horse racing track, presently, the park hosts two baseball diamonds, tennis courts, fenced hockey rink, water park, and other play areas. It is the perfect place for a family outing.  Oak Bay Lawn Bowling Club and facilities are based here. There is a seasonal concession and washroom facilities. The Peter Pan Outdoor Water Park and Playground operates seasonally. A daycare operates out of the main buildings.

Geographical Location N48° 26′ 22″     W123° 19′ 02″

You can get to Carnarvon Park from Foul Bay Road.  Turn east onto Allenby, Townley, or Carnarvon Street.  There is limited off street parking.  Look for trails to Carnarvon Park between Henderson and Newton Streets.  A trail leads to Carrick Boulevard that provides quick access to the Foul Bay Road and Cadboro Bay Road junction. A couple of city buses travel by this park.

Centennial Park – Langford

Centennial Park Langford 4.JPG

Centennial Park is in the downtown area of Langford, B.C. This park is also known as Carlow as well as Kinsmen and Langford Fastball Park. Presumably it was established for the centennial celebration of the formation of the Colony of British Columbia in eighteen fifty-eight. Centennial Park is about three hectares in size. The park hosts a splash park, two play ground areas, a concession and washroom building, four fastball fields and tennis courts. The playgrounds lie on either side of the splash park. One play area has a series of climbable structures with ramps, double slides and a bridge over the pea gravel base. The other play area is a large climbable web suspended between three arched poles. The rubber mat surfacing has been used under this structure. The splash park has several spouts of water as well as a long slide that is surrounded by rocks and concrete. There are benches along the perimeter of the play areas as well as a few picnic tables. The concession is open seasonal and for some ball games. The washroom is also open seasonally. Each ball diamond has bleachers and covered dugouts for the teams. The diamonds have perimeter chain link fences. The fields are the home of the Langford Minor Fastball Club. There is a batting cage along the south side of the west field as well as storage sheds. The tennis courts are best accessed from Tennis Court Lane off of Rita Road. The tall chain link fence, with door-sized gates on either end, surrounds the two courts which have benches for seating and gear. A tall giant sequoia tree provides shade over the tennis courts in the afternoon. The north and south sides of the sports fields are lined with a twenty foot tall cedar hedge which has individual trees replaced over the years. A foot path along the perimeter, about five hundred and fifty meters long, has with gravel and paved sections. Knotty Pine Park, Kerr Goldstream Green Space, Spencer Middle School Green Space and Langford Lake Park North are nearby.


Geographic location N48° 26’55” W123°30’48”


Centennial Park can be reached from the Trans Canada Highway also called Hwy1. Turn at Leigh Road exit and continue along to turn left onto Goldstream Avenue. Then make a left turn left onto Carlow Street. The park is on the right. There is a small parking lot as well as roadside parking near the park. The park can also be access from a pathway that connects to Sybronden Road Alternative parking is found near the tennis court access from Tennis Court Lane. City buses travel along Goldstream Avenue and the Trolley provides service along Carlow Street.

Helmcken Centennial Park

Helmcken Centennial Park 7 Helmcken Centennial Park 10

Helmcken Park is known as the ball park for fastball and home to the View Royal Fastball teams. This is community athletic park as well as a wonderful family and toddler friendly park in View Royal, B.C. Helmcken Centennial Park has three fenced fastball diamonds, a basketball or multi-purpose court and a tennis court in its two and half hectares. There is also a batting cage and storage shed. The park borders on an indentation of Portage Inlet which is a migratory bird and wildlife area. This tidal area also has a ephemeral creek that drains from the surrounding area. Signage near the White Pine pathway describes the colonial activities on Portage Inlet and the Gorge Water front. This would be an okay site to launch a paddle board, kayak or canoe at high tide as the wetland area can be wide.  The playground has slides, swings, a long tube and climbing apparatus on a gravel base for children of all ages. This is good place for parkour. There is a seasonal concession, a meeting room and toilets in a building that is maintained by the ball team. Native plants along the shore of Portage Inlet include snow berries and rose plants as well as several different grasses to help maintain the integrity of the tidal wetlands. White Pine Road Green Space has a footpath into the park from Werra Road. The green spaces at Stillwater Road, Seabird Place, Thomas Park Drive, Polly Place, Crane Place and Tidewater Road are nearby.


Geographical location N48° 27’ 42” W123° 25’ 48”


Helmcken Centennial Park can be reached from the Trans Canada Highway Hwy1. Exit off Hwy1 onto the Helmcken Road and turn south. Victoria General Hospital is to the north along Helmcken Road. At the traffic circle, exit east toward Helmcken Park and Kingham Place. Stay on Kingham Place to reach the small parking lot beside the park. A second parking area is accessed from further along Helmcken Road closer to the buildings. City busses service the Helmcken Park and Ride parking area near Helmcken Road.

Cook Street Playground – Beacon Hill Park

Two sets of play structures both with slides, platforms with various means to climb up form the nucleus of the Cook Street Playground. Yet it is the dinosaur with its nest of eggs that attracts many children. Located on the eastern border of Beacon Hill Park, this park is just steps away from the Cook Street Village and Clover Point Park seashore. The well designed play area is just under a hectare within a chain linked fence. In addition to the play structures there are four swings, a cable ride, cable nets to climb and natural play areas composed of logs. This area is often very busy as there is also an outdoor fitness circuit has nine aerobic and strength training sites including elliptical machines and stationary bicycles. Garry oak and Douglas fir trees shade the play area, benches and picnic tables. Wander through the area to enjoy some beautiful garden beds. Across Nursery Road, which leads to the plant nursery for the City of Victoria Park, are three tennis courts and a double set of private lawn bowling greens. These greens were once segregated by gender but now form grounds of Victoria Lawn Bowling Club that was established in nineteen o-nine. Take a few minutes to explore this park’s one hundred and twenty meters of paved trails that lead toward the woodchip and gravel pathways of Beacon Hill Park. Public toilets are found across Nursery Road and near the junction of Dallas Road and Cook Street. Clover Point Park, Moss Rock Park and Chapman Park are nearby.

Geographic coordinates N48° 24′ 42” W123° 21′ 29″

Cook Street Playground can be reached from Blanchard Street. Turn east onto Dallas Road and follow along to Cook Street. Turn right onto Cook Street and look for the park located on left near Park Boulevard. There is limited roadside parking along Cook Street but there is small parking lot off Nursery road off of Park Boulevard. City buses travel along Fairfield Road and Cook Street from downtown Victoria.

Hollywood Park

Holly wood Park from Earle Hollywood park 4

Hollywood Park is beautifully landscaped Garry oak (Quercus garryana) treed parkland covering two and a third hectares in the Fairfield community of Victoria, BC. Stroll along the perimeter of park to take in the flower beds and trees, like the golden plumed cedar ‘Aurea’ (Cedrus deodara), rhododendrons and azaleas. In a few sections of the park the flower beds are bordered by a split cedar fence and a narrow pathway. Stroll along the paved pathway to reach the playground, ball diamond or tennis courts. This one hundred and sixty meter walkway connects Earle Street with Fairfield Road; neither end is gated. Close to the Earle Street border of the park is the playground with a sand base. There are slides for young and old children that are part of a climbing structure with platforms that have monkey bars and ladders. There are two swing sets with a couple for toddler seats in one set. The other has four swings. The playground is shaded early mornings and later afternoons by the tall Garry oak and London plane trees. The baseball diamond is home to the Beacon Hill Little League ball players and has bleachers, score board and seasonal concession. Fairfield shopping plaza is about a block west along Fairfield Road if other sustenance is needed. Part of the ball field forms the pitch for soccer. There is a second much smaller grassy area, with a chain-link fenced backstop across from the playground. Picnic tables and benches are found along the pathway and near the playground and sport fields. The toilets are near the tennis courts. The two tennis courts are fenced and lie close to Fairfield Road. The area of Hollywood Park is within the hidden East Creek drainage area and is occasionally quite wet.

Geographic coordinates N48° 24′ 51” W123° 20′ 8″

Hollywood Park can be reached from Blanchard Street. Turn east onto Fairfield Road and follow along to St Charles Street. Once past St Charles look for Hollywood Park to the left. The park lies along Fairfield Road and Earle Street where there is limited roadside parking. City buses travel along Fairfield Road from downtown.


Bernard Park

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