Oak Bay High School Green Space

Oak Bay High School Green Space is in the seaside community of Oak Bay, one of thirteen areas of the Capital Regional District of British Columbia. This green space is has several pedestrian friendly pathways and large sports fields including an artificial turf field. This field is fenced with chain-linked wire fencing. There is a concrete seating area on the northside of the field. There several grass covered areas around the green space including the center of the oval running track. A large garry oak tree provides invaluable shade at the track. The school is part of the British Columbia School District  61 Victoria and the green space is accessible outside of school hours until dark. The school was rebuilt in 2016; the original buildings were from the late nineteen twenties. A large giant sequoia tree was planted in eighteen sixty two by Mr Alexis Casanave whose had property bordered along Bowker Creek.  Several Garry oak trees are found on this green space. Bowker Creek Park borders on the south side while the Oak Bay Recreation Center lies to the southeast.

Geographic Location N48º 25’ 58”  W123º 19’ 5”

Oak Bay High School Green Space can be reached from the Trans Canada Highway. Continue along the Hwy 1 into Victoria as it becomes Douglas Street. Turn off Douglas onto Hillside Avenue to head east. Stay on Hillside Avenue as it becomes Lansdowne Road. Continue along Lansdowne Road to reach Foul Bay Road. Turn onto Cadboro Bay Road to head east and look for the green space and parking area on the right. There are several parking areas and some street parking along Canmore Street. City buses travel along Cadboro Bay Road and Foul Bay Road.


Carnarvon Park

Carnarvon Park is in the seaside community of Oak Bay which is part of the Capital Regional District of British Columbia. This park is a small multifaceted jewel in Oak Bay. In the late eighteen hundreds, this area was developed as the Willows horse racing track, presently, the park hosts two baseball diamonds, tennis courts, fenced hockey rink, water park, and other play areas. It is the perfect place for a family outing.  Oak Bay Lawn Bowling Club and facilities are based here. There is a seasonal concession and washroom facilities. The Peter Pan Outdoor Water Park and Playground operates seasonally. A daycare operates out of the main buildings.

Geographical Location N48° 26′ 22″     W123° 19′ 02″

You can get to Carnarvon Park from Foul Bay Road.  Turn east onto Allenby, Townley, or Carnarvon Street.  There is limited off street parking.  Look for trails to Carnarvon Park between Henderson and Newton Streets.  A trail leads to Carrick Boulevard that provides quick access to the Foul Bay Road and Cadboro Bay Road junction. A couple of city buses travel by this park.

Ed Fisher Memorial Park

Ed Fisher Memorial Park is in the Happy Valley neighborhood of Langford, B.C. This one hectare park has a playground, chain-link fenced baseball diamond, an equipment building and walking pathways. The ball field is used seasonal by the Juan de Fuca Soccer Association for soccer games. The playground is separated from the ball field by the parking area. Its play equipment includes a pair of swings of which one is baby seat. A low wooden climbing platform has stairs, monkey bars and a pair of slides that lead to the wood chip base. A rocking toy completes the play area. There are picnic tables, benches and bleachers also found at the park which are shaded in the morning by the tall Douglas fir trees near Isabell Green Space. A few more tall trees are seen along the southern border of the parkland. Ed Fisher Memorial Park is surrounded by private homes in a quiet neighborhood. This park was named after the son the early pioneering family from England who homesteaded and taught in Happy Valley during the eighteen hundred and seventies. Weaver Park, Ernhill Park, Isabell Green Space, Sedgwick Park, Happy Valley Elementary School Green Space, Luxton Park, Fisher’s Pond Park and Glen Lake Park are nearby.

Geographic location N48° 25’49”  W123°31’25”


Ed Fisher Memorial Park can be reached from the Trans Canada Highway also called Hwy1. Turn at Millstream exit and continue along south to reach the Veterans Memorial Parkway. Turn onto Sooke Road and continue along to reach Happy  Valley Road. Turn left onto Happy Valley Road then left onto Isabell Avenue. This road is intersected by the parking area for the park.  There is limited roadside parking this area. City buses travel along Sooke Road and Happy Valley Road.

Shoreline Middle School Green Space

Shoreline Middle School play area

The school is part of the Victoria School District number sixty-one and as such the school grounds are used for students during school hours. The area is landscaped with a few arbutus and Garry oak trees as well as a large grass covered field. This is the sports field that is used for soccer, baseball and rugby as well as track and field. There is a trail along the ridge of grounds that parallels the sidewalk along the Island Highway. The road forms the south border of this green space. An excellent playground is along the ridge near the fenced basketball court. The playground is on a wood chip based and a linear setup that is great for climbing and balancing. The view of Portage Inlet from the playground makes this a favorite place. The green space is near the portage route or the shortest walking access to Esquimalt Harbour via Portage Park. This portage route was used haul boats and supplies from the Inlet to the Harbour. Craigflower House and Shoreline Drive Green Space are close by. Portage Park and the E&N Rail Trail are to the west.

Beacon Hill Park

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Brooke Street Park

Brooke Street Park

A series of birch trees frame the sports fields of Brooke Street Park on the Brooke Street border. This grass covered parkland is four fifths of a hectare in size and lies in the Fairfield neighborhood of Victoria, B.C. There is a backstop for baseball near the intersection of Brooke Street and Kipling Street as well as one kitty corner in the park, off of Clifford Street. London plane and alder trees frame the park along Clifford Street. The fields are used baseball, rugby and soccer. Porter Park, Sir James Douglas School Green Space, Fairfield Hill Park and Ross Bay are nearby. A one and half story heritage home styled as a Craftsman Bungalow was built in nineteen fourteen. It resides at 1440 Clifford Street which is next to this parkland. Robert J Porter Park with two playgrounds and a natural play area lies across Kipling Street.

Geographic coordinates N48° 24′ 50” W123° 20′ 35″

Brooke Street Park can be reached from Blanchard Street. Turn east onto Fairfield Road and follow along until Kipling Street. Turn left onto Kipling Street and continue about a block. The park is bordered by Kipling, Brooke, Clifford and Thurlow streets. There is limited roadside parking in this quiet residential neighborhood. City buses travel along Fairfield Road from downtown Victoria.