Reay Creek Park – North Saanich

The Reay Creek watershed drains the area on the eastern end of the Victoria International Airport, the southern end of the Town of Sidney and  central areas of North Saanich. Reay Creek flows into Bazen Bay and once again supports a small population of cutthroat trout. The Reay brothers, William and Charles, settled near this creek in the late eighteen hundreds. The residential neighborhoods of both Sidney and North Saanich border on the creek. The north side of creek lies within Sidney and has an established walking trail along the creek. This trail connects with to Peter Grant Park. Fortunately, this means that the two hectare area within North Saanich has remained a wildlife park.

Geographic coordinates  N48° 37′ 48″ W123° 27′ 57″ near Bazen Bay

You can get to Reay Creek Park from Pat Bay Highway.  Turn at Exit 26, the McTavish Interchange,  an unique and confusing series of roundabouts that make a multi-circle roadway overpass. Take the second exit onto Lochside Drive. Reay Creek is the almost immediately to the right along Lochside Drive but continue to Lochside Beach Park in Sidney and walk back along the shoreline to see the estuary. There is limited roadside parking for this wildlife park. See also the information on Reay Creek Park in Sidney.