Gannet Court Green Space

Gannet Court Green Space 3

The forty meter long concrete pathway leads into Setchfield Park, a large nature park in Langford, B.C. Located in the Bear Mountain and Florence Lake neighborhood, Gannet Court Green Space is bordered by the wooden fences of private homes. At the end of the concrete, the gravel pathway curves under a tall Douglas fir to connect with the gravel trail that loops through Setchfield Park. This pathway is frequented by runners, hikers and dog walkers. This is good place to explore the outdoors from your backyard. Harrow Gate Park, Bishop Gate Park, Lakewood Elementary School Green Space, Ida Ann Lake Park and Sparrow Court Green Space are nearby.

Geographic location N48° 28’10” W123°30’29”

Gannet Court Green Space can be reached from the Trans Canada Highway also called Hwy1. Turn at Millstream Road and turn left onto Bear Mountain Parkway. Take the first left onto Goldeneye Way, which is in a curve of the parkway. The first right turn will be on to Gannet Court. Look for the trail access between homes 853 and 852. There is parking along the roadway. City buses travel along Treanor and Setchfield avenues.


Burnside Road Green Space

Burnside Road GS to Meadow Park Lane Meadow Park Lane Catalps tree 2

A gravel footpath along Burnside Road West from Meadow Park Lane to the school grounds provides a walkway for school children, parents and other pedestrians. This one hundred and eighty meter pathway connects along Meadow Park Lane to make a circular stroll that passes through Aldersmith Park and Eagle View Elementary School Green Space. The pathway is under the boughs of Douglas fir and Garry oak trees and is bordered by the roadway and narrow grasslands. There are also a couple of wildlife trees, perhaps used by woodpeckers and squirrels. A small grove of catalpa trees with long slender bean pods are found along Meadow Park Lane. Several parks and green spaces are nearby such as Watkiss Way Park and Stoneridge Wetland Park.


Geographic location N48° 28’ 5” W123° 26’ 37”


Burnside Road Green Space can be reached from the Trans Canada Highway also known as Hwy1. Take the Helmcken Road exit to the Burnside Road West intersection and turn left onto Burnside Road West. Continue to Meadow Park Lane and turn left into the residential area. The foot path can be accessed from the corner of Meadow Park Land and Burnside Road West. There is limited roadside parking. City buses travel to the hospital using Watkiss Way.

Bernard Park

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Newton Street Green Space

The road right of way of Newton Street is a linear green space that connects to Shelbourne Street Green Space. The concrete pathway leads between 2733 and 2751 Shelbourne Street and is shaded by hedge trees from the home and apartment complex that borders the footpath. The Spirit Garden is a few houses eastward along Newton Street. Oaklands Park is across Shelbourne Street as its David Spencer Park and Oaklands Greenway Loop.

Geographic coordinates N48° 26′ 20″ W123° 20′

Newton Street Green Space can be reached from Blanchard Street. Turn east onto Bay Street and continue to Shelbourne Street. Turn left onto Shelbourne Street and look for the discrete pathway between the private home and the large apartment building just past King Street. There is limited roadside parking on Shelbourne Street. City buses travel along both Shelbourne Street and Richmond Road.