Mellor Park

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Mellor Park is a long narrow water front park in View Royal, B.C. It borders on the south shore of Equimalt Harbour near the mud flats and estuary of Mill Stream. Douglas fir and cedar trees stand tall in the parkland. A crushed granite rock trail leads to the ridge overlooking the mudflats and water. The trail is used as a roadway by the proximal neighbors. The waterfront below the ridge is marshlands and is a difficult access along a decommissioned rock staircase. This one quarter of a hectare parkland is near Lime Kiln Park.

Geographical location N48° 27’ 16” W123° 27’ 31”

Mellor Park can be accessed from the Trans Canada Highway, Hwy1. Exit onto the Island Highway and stay to the left to merge with traffic going under the freeway and railway overpasses. Continue across Parson’s Bridge and take the next left onto Hart Road. The park is on the left. There is limited roadside parking along Hart Road. City buses travel along the Island Highway.

Nursery Hill Park

Nursery Hill Park white fawn lily March 2014

Nursery Hill Park is on fifty-five meter high hill in View Royal, B.C. At about four and half hectares, this park has many Douglas fir trees with a few Garry oak, big leaf maple and arbutus trees on its slopes. The canopy keeps the Oregon grape and snow berry bushes fairly small. In a few areas broom plants grow well. A fine gravel trail meanders through the park around the small rocky outcrops that are covered with lichen, ferns and mosses. Spring time flowers, like the white fawn lily (Erythronium oregonum) are seen along the two hundred meters long trail. The park borders on the Via Rail track to the south and residential homes to the east and west. Despite the noise from the traffic on the Trans Canada Highway that borders the north side of the parkland and the signs that state the access route is a private roadway, this park is a wonderful place to explore in your backyard. Parson’s Bridge Park, Burchill Park, Mellor Park, Garry Oak Meadows Park, Jalan Park, Atkin Road Green Space, the Galloping Goose Trail and Trans Canada Trail as well as Thetis Lake Park are nearby. The park is part of Nursery Hill Trail Loop described by the Town of View Royal.

Geographical location N48° 27’ 35” W123° 27’ 36”

Nursery Hill Park can be accessed from the Trans Canada Highway, Hwy1. Exit onto the Old Island Highway and stay to the left to merge with traffic going under the freeway and railway overpasses. Turn onto Six Mile Road and look for the Atkins Road Green Space to park as there is limited parking along Nursery Hill Road or Six Mile Road. Nursery Hill Park is access along a rough trial from the corner where Nursery Hill Road curves to the left and from the cul-de-sac between homes 445 and 444. City buses travel along the Six Mile Road and Atkins Road.

Parson’s Bridge Park

Waters Edge Walk Price Bay 14 Waters Edge Walk Price Bay 2

Parson’s bridge is part of the Island Highway that crosses over the waters Mill Stream in View Royal, B.C. The bridge was built in the mid eighteen hundreds by the owner of the Six Mile Pub, which lies to the northwest. Bill Parson purchased the land which included a pub from John Fenton, a millwright, in eighteen-forty-eight. The Tudor- style pub and restaurant has photos of these early years and is a good place for a meal and drink. The parkland is a narrow strip along the north shore of Price Bay and has foot path with several wonderful view points over the estuary and Esquimalt Harbour. Price Bay provides habitat to numerous shorebirds as well as eagles, ospreys and swans. River otters and seals have also been seen. Parson’s Bridge Park is a unique place with a gazebo, several arbutus and fir trees along the rough gravel walkway. Benches are also found along the walkway. The Water’s Edge, A sixty-nine unit residential complex, borders the inland area of the park; it was built in the early nineteen eighties. The park can be reached by the concrete staircase along the northeast side of the bridge or from the staircase at the end of Dukrill Road. The trail is about eight hundred and fifty meters long and makes a pleasant outing in your backyard. Jalan Park, Dukrill Road Green Space, Burchill Park, Thetis Lake Regional Park and the Galloping Goose – Trans Canada Trail – View Royal are all nearby.

Geographical location N48° 27’ 27” W123° 27’ 22”

Parson’s Bridge Park can be reached from the Trans Canada Highway Hwy1. Exit onto the Island Highway and stay to the left to merge with traffic going under the freeway and railway overpasses. Turn to the left onto Dukrill Road using the turning lane; this will be the second left turn. The green space is at the end of the road where there is limited roadside parking. Short term parking may be available near the CRD offices. City buses travel along the Island Highway.

Alternatively, continue along the Island Highway to Six Mile Road. Turn into the parking area for the pub and Buddy Road. Parking is available in Six-Mile Pub. Cross at the lights. From the north end of Parson’s Bridge the walkway extends between the Waters Edge residential development and the upper reaches of Esquimalt Harbor.