Marler Park

Marler Park 3

Marler Park has a small toddler friendly playground, a gravel walking trail and a small pond. The park is on an one third of a hectare area in View Royal, B.C. and is part of the Thetis neighborhood.  The playground is set in a pebble and sand base. There is a wooded platform with a roof that can be accessed by stairs, a steep ramp or the double slide. There is also a teeter totter and wobbly toy. A bench is also at this play space. Take a stroll along the trail past the small pond, which is enclosed by a chain-link fence. The foot path branches across Craigflower Creek and continues along the banks of the creek. The aluminum bridge spans across Craigflower Creek  and the trail continues to a series of staircases up to Creed Road. Craigflower Creek provides a home to several insect and fish species such as dragonflies and sea-run steel head salmon. The trail follows along the west bank of the creek and eventually connects with Thetis Lake Regional Park. This park is close to Chalmers Court Park, Thetis Lake Park, Craigflower Creek Park, Francis View Park, Evelyn Heights Park, Evelyn Heights Francis View Green Space, Galloping Goose Trail-View Royal, Trans Canada Trail-View Royal and Nursery Hill Park.


Geographic location N48° 27’51” W123° 27’16”


Marler Park can be reached from the Trans Canada Highway also called Hwy1. Take Exit 11 onto Six Mile Road to reach the Old Island Highway. Turn left onto the Old Island Highway and pass under the Trans Canada Freeway bridges and continue to the junction of Burnside Road and Watkiss Way. Turn left onto Watkiss Way then turn right onto Marler Drive. Continue on along Marler Drive past Dorthy Drive. The park is at the end of Marler Drive. There is a small paved parking area. City buses travel along Watkiss Road to the junction with Highland Road.

Craigflower Creek Park

Craigflower Creek Park is an one fifth of hectare nature park in View Royal, B.C., along the banks of Craigflower Creek. This is the namesake stream in the two thousand four hundred and twenty four hectare area that forms its watershed. Craigflower Creek, also known as Deadman’s Creek, flows from Fork, Thetis and Prior Lakes to Portage Inlet. The upper sections of the creek are within Mount Work and Thetis Lake Regional Parks while the lower sections pass beside and under the bridges for several roads including Watkiss Way, the Trans Canada Trail-View Royal, the Galloping Goose Trail- View Royal, the Trans Canada Highway and Burnside Road West to reach Fort Victoria, View Royal Park and Portage Inlet. Portage Inlet is a shallow saltwater lagoon that connects to the harbour of the City of Victoria along a long narrow inlet called the Gorge. Craigflower Creek Park protects a short five hundred meter section about two and half kilometers upstream. The riparian area around the stream has alder, maple and cedar trees. Himalayan blackberry, oceanspray and smaller shrubs and ferns are also see in this section of the creek. Sea-run cutthroat trout travel upstream to Prior Lake so this small parkland contributes the federally protected fish habitat in Craigflower Creek. Marler Park, Thetis Lake Park, Francis View Park, Evelyn Heights Park, Evelyn Heights Francis View Green Space, Galloping Goose Trail-View Royal, Trans Canada Trail-View Royal and Nursery Hill Park are nearby.


Geographical location N48° 27’ 45” W123° 27’ 10”


Craigflower Creek Park can be accessed from the Trans Canada Highway also called Hwy 1. Exit onto Burnside Road West which is exit #10 and follow the road as it curves up to the right. At the intersection with Watkiss Way, turn left onto Watkiss Way. The park is seen to the right just after Creed Road. There is limited street parking. A city bus route is along Watkiss Way.