Paddock Place Green Space


Pedestrians can stroll from Paddock Place into View Royal Municipal Park along a forty meter concrete pathway. The pathway is bordered by chain-linked fences. A large giant sequoia tree stands nearby on private property. MacLennan Trail is close by as is Fort Victoria Green Space.


Geographical location N48° 27’ 43” W123° 26’ 20”


Paddock Place Green Space can be reached from the Trans Canada Highway, Hwy1. Take the Helmcken Road exit and head south. Continue along this road to second traffic circle and take the first right onto Pleasant Lane. Follow Pleasant Lane along the quiet townhome residential area of View Royal, B.C.,to reach Paddock Place. Turn right onto Paddock Place and look for the pathway near the end of the road between homes 112 and 108. City buses travel along Helmcken Road and the Old Island Highway which are near this green space.


MacLennan Trail

MacLennan Trail is a gravel multi-user trail in View Royal, B.C. It is located along the ridge of the berm that forms the noise barrier south of the Trans Canada Highway and west of Helmcken Road. The trail connects to the sidewalk near the bus stop at the intersection of Hwy1 and Helmcken Road and continues westward to View Royal Municipal Park. This four hundred and fifty meter long trail is landscaped with various spruce trees, broom bushes and a few Himalayan blackberry hedges. The path crosses over the salmon bearing Craigflower Creek before curving to connect with the circular pathway in View Royal Park. Parkcrest Park, Gull Road Green Space and Helmcken Park are nearby as are the Galloping Goose Trail, Trans Canada Trail, Victoria General Hospital Green Space and Chancellor Park.


Geographical location N48° 27’ 47” W123° 26’ 4”


MacLennan Trail can be reached from the Trans Canada Highway Hwy1. Exit off Hwy1 onto the Helmcken Road and turn south. At the traffic circle, take the first right onto Vickery Road. Stay on Vickery Road as the trail eventually converges with this road. There is limited roadside parking along Vickery Road. City busses travel along Helmcken Road.

Parkcrest Park

Parkcrest Park 5 Parkcrest Park 16

Parkcrest Park is natural area along the east bank of Craigflower Creek in View Royal, B.C. At one end of the two tenth of a hectare area there is an asphalt walkway that merges with a one hundred meter long gravel trail meandering down to a site that provides a view Craigflower Creek; View Royal Park lies on the west side of the creek. This split-cedar fenced trail can also be accessed from Channery Place. The second trail is a fifty meter concrete sidewalk to the creek side. The sidewalk is has chain-link fences on both sides. Garry oak, Douglas fir and some arbutus trees as well as snow berry, Oregan grape and salal bushes are seen here. Ferns and mosses are seen along the slopes of the ravine of Craigflower Creek. The Galloping Goose Trail, MacLennan Trail, View Royal Elementary School, Caton Place Park, Gull Road Green Space as well as Helmcken Centennial Park are nearby.


Geographical location N48° 27’ 41” W123° 26’ 2”


Parkcrest Park can be reached from the Trans Canada Highway Hwy1. Exit off Hwy1 onto the Helmcken Road and turn south. At the traffic circle, exit onto Vickery Road. Turn left from Vickery Road to Viewcrest Drive and follow the road along the residential homes to Levista Place. The gravel trail can be access from Viewcrest Drive near home number 11 opposite the roadway to Levista Place. The second trail access is from between homes 23 and 25 on the end the Parkcrest Drive. There is limited roadside parking along Viewcrest Drive and Parkcrest Drive. City buses travel along Helmcken Road.