Midland Circle Green Space

Midland Circle Green Space is located in the seaside community of Oak Bay, part of the Capital Regional District of British Columbia. This green space was formed in earlier nineteen hundreds as part of the terminus of the streetcar to provide access to the Uplands Farm Estates. The asphalt covers the railway bed that formed the initial circle. Several tall Garry oak trees provide shade over the well maintained lawn of the green space.

Geographical Location N48º 26’ 50”  W123º 18’ 6”

Midland Circle Green Space can be accessed from Lansdowne Road. Turn left on the single track Midland Road to reach the green space. Both Cotswold and Ripon roads connect to the road that circles the green space. City buses travel along Midland Road.

Loon Bay Park

Loon Bay Park is located in the seaside community of Oak Bay, part of the Capital Regional District of British Columbia. This small roadside park is located off Beach Drive and overlooks the marina of the Royal Victoria Yacht Club.  The park has a couple of park benches and beach access points.  A short concrete pathway with a couple of sets of stairs leads to the sand and mud beach. The lawn is adorned with a outdoor piano as well as a small monument.  There are Garry oak and Douglas fir trees that provide shade over the beach and the undergrowth of ocean spray, blackberry and snowberry bushes.  The splendid residential area around the park can easily be included as part of your walk.

Geographical Location W48° 27′ W123° 17′ 44″

You can get to Loon Bay Park from Lansdowne Avenue or Cadboro Bay Road.  Turn onto Beach Avenue and look for the park near the Royal Victoria Yacht Club. There is limited street parking available. A city bus travels past this park  along Beach Drive.

Craigflower Manor Gardens

Craigflower house fence

The gardens at the Craigflower Manor, a provincial and national heritage site, were cleared for agricultural uses in the late eight hundreds. The homestead is located along the picturesque shore of Portage Inlet near Craigflower Bridge. The gardens lie on the east side grand house that was built for the Mckenzie Family. Kenneth McKenzie was the Hudson’s Bay Company bailiff and homesteader for the original three hundred and sixty hectare farm that extended east and south from the manor. Cartographical illustrations show that the route for Craigflower Road led though the property. The two story house with bilateral symmetrical windows and doorways, a style considered Georgian, was completed in eighteen fifty six. This one hectare property has rose beds, pine trees and a grove of larch trees (Larix occidentalis). There are also several raised garden beds used for the community grown vegetables. Portage Inlet borders the property to the north and east. Craigflower Bridge marks the junction of the inlet with the Gorge waterway that connects to Victoria Harbour. Information signs on the property explain the historical uses of this area that spanned green space. Shoreline Community Middle School Green Space, Shoreline Drive Green Space, Craigflower Road Green Space, Portage Park, Glentana Road Green Space and the Gorge Park, in Saanich where the Craigflower Schoolhouse resides, are nearby.

Geographical location N48° 27’ 7” W123° 25’ 27”

Craigflower Manor Gardens can be reached from the Trans Canada Highway (Hwy 1). Exit onto Admirals Road and turn south. Continue across the Craigflower Bridge to the first driveway after the bridge. This leads into the small parking area and just before Craigflower Road. City buses travel along both Admirals Road and Craigflower Road. Additional parking can be found near the shopping complex to the south.

The heritage site is open seasonally with living history interpreters providing information about the lands.

British Columbia Parliament Building – Rose Gardens

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British Columbia Parliament Building – Lawn

Parliament Building empress tree 2 Parliament Building sequoia

Lawns with some lovely landscaped garden form the grounds on the north side of the British Columbia Parliament Building and complement the majestic neo-gothic architecture of the building. Several monuments like the Douglas Obelisk, a statue of Queen Victoria and a Knowledge Totem pole are found here as well as the cenotaph and a fountain. The eight meter tall marble obelisk acknowledges the father of British Columbia, James Douglas. The bronze statue of Queen Victoria stands four meters tall and was raised in nineteen twenty one. The totem pole symbolizes the teacher, interpreter and player with a loon, fisherman and frog carves in the cedar pole. The cenotaph, composed of Nelson Island granite, hosts a statue of the Unknown Soldier and honors Canadians who died in the wars. The semi circle driveway has oak trees and an empress tree, or royal paulownia, gifted in nineteen ninety five. A giant redwood tree near the obelisk was planted in the eighteen sixties.

Geographic coordinates N48° 25′ 14” W123° 22′ 14″

Parliament Building Lawn can be reached from Blanchard Street. Stay on Blanchard as it curves to become Belleville Street. Continue along Belleville Street past the building’s lawn and look for parking along side streets. There is limited roadside parking and most of it is pay parking in downtown Victoria.


Maps, photographs and a walking tour of the Parliament Building gardens can be found on the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia website.

West Port Marina Green Space

This is a small semi-private green space located on the property of West Port Marina. Frequented mostly by the staff, it is a great spot to take a break from your boat work and activities. There are several picnic tables surrounded by a lovely lawn. The green space provides views of the moored yachts and waters of Tsehum Harbour and makes a pleasant place to wait for your ship to arrive.

Geographic position N48° 40’ 50” W123° 24’ 44”

You can get to West Port Marina Green Space from Pat Bay Highway.  Before you reach ferry terminal stay on the road as it exits to the right. At the lights, called Lands End Road, turn right on to a short street called Kitti Wake Place. Turn right again on to Curteis Road then left onto Tryon Road. Look for the signs that lead to West Port Marina. The green space is surrounded by the storage area and parking lots for the West Port Marina and facilities.