Skateboard Park, Sidney-by-the-Sea

While not a greenspace, per say,  the Skateboard Park gets people outside and enjoying an unique exercise. This parkland is a colorful and enticing paved area with concrete obstacles and bars. Not for use nocturnally, the Skateboard Park is near Bevan Park, the Lochside Trail, Iroquois Park and the Mary Winspear Center. It is visible from the Pat Bay Highway.

What is not so obvious is how to get there by car. You can get to the Skateboard Park from Pat Bay Highway. Turn at Beacon Avenue exit and then turn right on the curve that leads to Seventh Street continue to Bevan Street and turn onto Fifth Street. Go one block and turn west on Oakville, continue aong Oakville to Eighth Street.  Parking is along the street on gravel.  Several buses pass by near this park on Beacon Avenue and Fifth Street.