Seabird Park

Seabird Park 8

Seabird Park is grass covered park of 0.14 hectares with rocky shoreline access to Portage Inlet in View Royal, B.C. Himalayan blackberries, an arbutus tree and a few other shrubs line the western perimeter of the park near the split cedar fence. Spruce and willow trees are along the property border to the north. Craigflower Creek meets the inlet here forming the curiously named ‘deadman’ section of the creek. There is a seventy five meter stroll to the bench at Seabird Point which looks southward across the water toward Shoreline Middle School. The beach is muddy and can be used to launch a paddle board, kayak or canoe. This small estuary is a good site to observe migratory birds such as gadwalls, widgeons, wood ducks, geese, loons, plovers, terns and grebes. Thomas Park, White Pine Place Green Space, Polly Place Green Space, Tidewater Road Green Space, Helmcken Centennial Park, Caton Lane Park, Stillwater Road Green Space and St. Giles Park are nearby.


Geographical location N48° 27’ 23” W123° 25’ 49”


Seabird Park can be reached from the Trans Canada Highway Hwy1. Exit off Hwy1 onto the Helmcken Road and turn south. At the traffic circle, continue along Helmcken Road to Werra Road or Midwood Road. Follow either road as it curves to connect with each other along the residential homes this promontory of Portage Inlet. There is limited roadside parking along Midwood Road near Seabird Place. City busses travel along Helmcken Road.