Lakeshore Place Park

Lakeshore Park

Lakeshore Place Park is in the Langford Lake neighborhood of Langford, B.C. This neighborhood park has a basketball half court which doubles as a hockey area as well as grass covered areas to toss a Frisbee around. This park is very wet in the rainy season as it is near the wetlands of Langford Lake. Private family homes surround the parkland. Several cottonwood trees provide shade over the play area. Guyton Way Park, Langford Lake Park with Ed Nixon Trail and Shelby Park are nearby.


Geographic location N48° 27’11” W123°31’ 53”


Lakeshore Place Park can be reached from the Trans Canada Highway also called Hwy1. Exit the hwy on to Leigh Road. Continue over the hwy bridge and turn right onto Goldstream Avenue. The park is on the left between homes 1281 and 1277 just before Lakeshore Place. The park can be reached from along Lakeshore Place. There is limited roadside parking this area. City buses travel along Goldstream Avenue.

Bushby Park

Bushby Park Bushby Park 5 Bushby Park 6

Shaded by some large London plane and Garry oak trees, Bushby Park has a toddler friendly playground on a sand base. This green triangular oasis is like a kids’ backyard garden in this busy Fairfield neighborhood of Victoria, B.C. This park gets nicknamed Ross Bay Park since it only a block inland, along Eberts Street, from Ross Bay Seawalk and Clover Point Park. The paired toddler swings and big kids swings, a long tall slide, teeter totter are complemented by a roundabout from the playground equipment. A large grassy area covers the rest of the 0.2 hectare parkland and has just enough open space for a tossing a Frisbee or playing bocce ball. Moss Rock Park (Fairfield Hill Park) is the large hill further north along Eberts Street where there is a discrete trail that leads up the rocky slope to this park.  Bushby Park have been named to honor Arthur Thomas Bushby who in eighteen fifty eight became the private secretary for Judge Matthew Baille Begbie. Memorial Crescent Green Space, Ross Bay Cemetery and Clover Point Park are nearby.

Geographic coordinates N48° 24′ 33” W123° 20′ 47″

Bushby Park can be reached from Blanchard Street. Turn east onto Dallas Road and follow along past Clover Point to Eberts Street. Turn left off of Dallas Road onto Eberts Street. The park is at the junction of Bushby Street and Eberts Street. There is limited roadside parking in this compact neighborhood of Fairfield in Victoria, B.C. City buses travel along Fairfield Road from downtown Victoria.

Redfern Park

Redfern Park 11

Redfern Park is a green oasis in the lovely residential area of Jubilee and Fairfield in Victoria, BC. At a wonderful one third of a hectare, there are several London plane trees, open grass covered spaces, pleasing plant displays, an asphalt footpath and playground. Several benches and a picnic tables are in place for further enjoyment. Dogs are permitted off leash in about half of the park, only early in the mornings and late in the evenings; read the signs in the park for confirmation of times. The off leash area is three-quarters fenced.

Redfern Park playground 4

The colorful playground is set in a wood chip base. It has a swing set with two for children and two with a toddler seat. There is also two separate climbing structures; a smaller one for little children and a much taller one with arched and tapered ladders that lead to a long slide. The one hundred and fifty meter footpath connects Bourchier and Leighton streets along the road right of way of Redfern Street. This park and street were named for Charles Redfern, a jeweler, watchmaker and a two term mayor of Victoria in the late eighteen hundreds. Royal Jubilee Hospital Green Space is about two blocks north along Lee Avenue. Bowker Creek Park is about two blocks east along Bouchier Street then along Goldsmith Street, past the Oak Bay Recreation Center and toward Oak Bay High School Green Space, which is bordered by Bowker Creek.

Geographic coordinates N48° 25′ 48″ W123° 19′ 30″ near Brouchier Street

Redfern Park can be reached from Blanchard Street. Turn east onto Fort Street and continue to Foul Bay Road. Turn right onto Foul Bay Road. Turn right again just after the shopping center onto Bourchier Street or the next right onto Leighton Street. The park is accessible partway along the road off of both Bourchier and Leighton streets. The nearest washrooms would be found either at the shopping complex on the corner of Fort and Foul Bay or at the Oak Bay Recreation Center off of Goldsmith Street. Goldsmith Street is to the left off Foul Bay just before Bourchier Street. There is a pedestrian pathway along the grocery store of the shopping complex from Bourchier Street to the parking lot in front of the store. City buses travel along both Foul Bay Road and Fort Street between downtown and the University of Victoria.

Panorama Recreation Center Park

Eric Sherman Trail, Panorama Rec Center, North SaanichThese wonderful set of outdoor areas: park, playground and forest trail, are set outside the extensive rooms of the Panorama Recreation Center, a facility designed for all kinds of sports. The grassy parkland is located outside parking area near the main entrance of the center. A pedestrian pathway leads across the parking lot to the manicured lawn and the play equipment. The play equipment is surrounded by large sand-filled area and includes timbers laid and interconnected for balancing acts as well as a playset with a slide and platforms. The basketball court is good especially you bring some chalk to mark out the lines. There are tennis courts around the back of facility which can be reached by using the old Panaroma trail, now called the Eric Sherwood Trail. This trail follows beside East Saanich Road along the southern side of the parking area, up along the back areas of the parking lot then through the forest area before reaching Forest Park Road across from Kelset Elementary School. The ice rink, swimming pool and other exercise rooms are in the Recreation Center. The Eric Sherwood Trail is about one kilometer.
Geographic coordinates N48° 37′ 30″ W123° 25′ 14″
You can get to Panorama Recreation Center Park from Pat Bay highway. Leave the highway at Exit 26, the McTavish Interchange, a unique and confusing series of roundabouts that make a multi-circle roadway overpass. Take the third exit onto McTavish Road then take the second exit to stay on McTavish Road. Follow McTavish Road to the East Saanich Road intersection. Turn left onto East Saanich Road and look for the Center on the right. Turn right onto Forest Park Drive and then left into the parking area. Alternatively, catch bus 70 to this park from along East Saanich Road.