Trans Canada Highway Pedestrian Green Space

Florence Lake Stachen Trail 12 Florence Lake Stachen Trail 11

The two kilometer pedestrian walkway along McCallum and Leigh roads, south of Florence Lake, connects the north and south neighborhoods of Langford, B.C. The Trans Canada Highway Pedestrian Green Space was formed with the road construction for the Bear Mountain housing projects that created a bridge for pedestrians and vehicles over the highway. The walkway is along a concrete sidewalk that parallels the roadways. A tall barrier fence thwarts humans from crossing the highway at the original intersection for Spencer Road. The green space that parallels McCallum Road to the junction with Leigh Road has several tall Douglas fir trees in the forest areas while boulevard was planted with maple and horsechestnut trees. The pathway continues over the TCH along Leigh Road, past Spencer’s Pond Park, to reach Goldstream Avenue. The route can reached from Springboard Place and the Florence Lake Strachan Trail.

Geographic location N48° 27’21” W123°30’56” at Savory Road junction

Trans Canada Highway Pedestrian Green Space can be reached from the Trans Canada Highway also called Hwy1. Turn at McCallum/Savory Road/Brock Road Exit (#15) and follow the road to turn west then north onto McCallum Road. The Shell Service Station is at this junction besides a Subway and office building. The road curves around a wetland area of Florence Lake and head up a slight slope to reach the junction with Savory Road. Turn right onto Savory Road where there is limited roadside parking this area. The pedestrian pathway parallels McCallum Road.

Florence Lake Strachan Trail

Florence Lake Strachan Trail gravel Florence Lake Strachan Trail pier

Florence Lake Strachan Trail is an one and half kilometer trail that follows the eastern shore of Florence Lake in Langford, B.C. Florence Lake is a shallow glacial kettle lake that lies on the slopes of Skirt Mountain. There are several view points from along the boardwalk. This section is shades by some large western red cedar and Douglas fir trees. The board walk becomes to a gravel trail and there are a few places to access the water for swimming and wading. The boat launch, for small personal watercraft like kayaks, paddle boards and canoes, has a pier beside it. It is a short stroll from the main trail. There are several benches along the route for rest stops.The gravel pathway traverses through the wetlands on the southeastern end of the lake. Alder dominate the shrubs in this area. A board walk connects the gravel trail to Savory Road along the southwestern side of the lake. The trail parallels Florence Lake Road, Brock Avenue and Springboard Road. The north end of the trail is at (geographic location and the southern end of the trail is at Savory Park.

Geographic location for Florence Lake Park North N48° 27’41” W123°30’45”

Florence Lake Strachan Trail can be reached from the Trans Canada Highway also called Hwy1. Turn at McCallum Road/Spencer Road exit and continue along McCallum Road to reach Brock and Springboard roads. Follow the curve to the right to stay on McCallum Road and then take the curve to the left to turn onto Florence Lake Road. Stay on Florence Lake Road and look for a small parking area, on the left, past the junction with Setchfield Avenue. There is three parking sites at this park and limited roadside parking. City buses travel along Setchfield Avenue.