Fisher’s Pond Park


Fisher’s Pond Park is a wetlands area near Glen Lake in Langford, B.C. This park is also referred to as Fisher’s Field. The eleven and half hectare parkland is on the eastern side of Mt Wells Regional Park and is mostly surrounded by private single family homes. There is a proposal to create a parkland that will form a partial wildlife corridor from this wetland to the Sooke Hills. This nature park is a wildlife refuge with a gravel walkway to a boardwalk lookout point. The pathway is about one hundred and eighty meters long. Fisher’s Pond is filled by seasonal rainfall and drains towards Parkdale Creek that runs along the north side of the park. Parkdale Creek connects with Glen Lake and is part of the Colwood Creek watershed. The deciduous forest area is filled with alder, salmonberry, hardhack, red-flowering currant, cedar and Douglas fir trees. Lily pads and marshlands provide habitat for overwintering and breeding waterfowl. Bullfrogs and other animals live in the park amongst the seasonal wildflower such as shooting star, sea blush, skunk cabbage, white fawn lily, common camas, western trillium, western butter cup and fairyslipper or Calypso bulbosa. Irwin Park, City Center Park, Belmont Secondary School Green Space, Galloping Goose Trail-Langford, Langford Lake Park, Leigh Beach Park, Chan Hillside Park, Reginald Park, Young Green Space, Mount Wells Regional Park and Glen Lake Park are nearby.


Geographic location N48° 25’59”  W123°31’41”


Fisher’s Pond Park can be reached from the Trans Canada Highway also called Hwy1. Turn at Millstream exit and continue along south to reach the Veterans Memorial Parkway. Turn onto Sooke Road and continue just past Glen Lake Road. Look for the park entrance between homes 2762 and 2756 Sooke Road.  There is a small gravel parking area near this entrance. There is also easement access to the park from along Glen Lake Road between homes 3150 and 3154. City buses travel along Sooke Road and Glen Lake Road.

Glen Lake Park

Glen Lake Park is along the west shore of Glen Lake in Langford, B.C. This park hosts lake front sandy beach access to the water, a short wharf, a spray play area and a playground. The waterpark and playground are separated by a low concrete wall. The grass covered area has a pathway from the parking area. A landscaped water drainage garden borders the private homes beside the park. Picnic tables, several benches and a privy are partially shaded by tall Douglas fir and cedar trees along the north side of the park. Glen Lake Park also hosts a dog park area as dogs are not allowed in the children’s play area. The dog park is also along the shore and has a ten meter wharf and sandy beach area. There is also a grass covered area. A three meter wooden pedestrian bridge connects the two sections of the park. Glen Lake is part of the Colwood Creek Watershed and collects water from Humpback Reservoir and Irwin Ponds which are connected by Parkdale Creek. This watershed has an area of 1194 hectares including storm drains in the surrounded communities. Eventually the waters from Glen Lake reach the Salish Sea as the lake drains into Colwood Creek on the eastern shore. The lake has a surface area of about seventeen hectares and lies at an altitude of sixty-seven meters. The beach area is good launching personal watercraft like canoe, paddle boards and kayaks. There is an aeration system in the lake which helps support a healthy water quality for the small mouth bass, rainbow trout and cutthroat trout. The latter two species have been released into the lake since the nineteen eighties. Shoreview Park, City Center – Hull Trail, Belmont Secondary School Green Space, Galloping Goose Trail, Glen Cove Park, Leigh Beach Park, Langford Lake Park are nearby.


Geographic location N48° 26’26”  W123°31’38”


Glen Lake Park can be reached from the Trans Canada Highway also called Hwy1. Turn at Millstream Road and turn right onto Veteran’s Memorial Parkway. Continue along VMP to reach Jenkins Ave. Turn left onto Jenkins Ave and continue to the junction with Glen Lake Road once across Jacklin Road. Turn right onto Glen Lake Road and continue past Belmont Secondary School on the right. Turn left onto Glenview Place and follow the road to the parking area. City buses travel along Glen Lake Road.