University Woods Green Space

University Woods Green Space is in the seaside community of Oak Bay, one of the thirteen regions in the Capital Regional District of British Columbia. The walkway connects Woodley Road with University Wood Drive. The fifty meter long concrete walkway is bordered a chain-link fence on both sides and the landscaping of the properties along the fence.  Camosun Green Space and Henderson Park are nearby.

Geographic Location N48º 27’ 8”  W123º 19’ 15”

University Woods Green Space can be reached from the Trans-Canada Highway. Continue along the Hwy 1 into Victoria as it becomes Douglas Street. Turn off Douglas onto Hillside Avenue to head east. Stay on Hillside Avenue to reach Foul Bay Road and turn north along Foul Bay/Henderson to pass Camosun College on the left. Follow Henderson to University Woods. Turn left onto divided roadway and continue along to right. The pathway is on the left between homes 3337 and 3335. There is limited street parking. City buses travel along Foul Bay Road and Henderson Road between Camosun College and the University of Victoria and continue downtown.

Eleanor Mann Park

Eleanor Mann Park sign

Eleanor Mann Park is in the District of Metchosin, a coastal community in the Capital Regional District of British Columbia.   This forested area was selectively logged in the mid nineteen hundreds and continues to support cedar, Douglas fir and arbutus trees. Salal, ferns, mosses and lichen form part of the understory. The Mann family business, Don Mann Excavating Ltd, donated the parkland in the memory of Eleanor, wife of Don and mother to Steve, current proprietor of the family business. The main trails are bridle trails that are interconnected to the pathways from the end of Sweet Chestnut Place, along Liberty Drive and near the end of Arden Road.   Metchosin Wilderness Park, Bob Mountain Park and Buckbrush Swamp Park are nearby.

Geographical location N48º 22’23” W123º 34’ 48”

Eleanor Mann Park can be reached from the TransCanada Highway (Hwy 1) when you exit at the Millstream /Veteran Memorial Parkway exit. Head south along the Veteran Memorial Parkway to reach Latoria Road. Turn right onto Latoria Road and continue along to reach Happy Valley Road. Turn left onto Happy Valley Road then right onto Rocky Point Road. Continue along Rocky Point Road to reach Liberty Drive. Follow along Liberty Drive to reach Deer Park Trail and look for the park access at the end of the road.

Helmcken Centennial Park

Helmcken Centennial Park 7 Helmcken Centennial Park 10

Helmcken Park is known as the ball park for fastball and home to the View Royal Fastball teams. This is community athletic park as well as a wonderful family and toddler friendly park in View Royal, B.C. Helmcken Centennial Park has three fenced fastball diamonds, a basketball or multi-purpose court and a tennis court in its two and half hectares. There is also a batting cage and storage shed. The park borders on an indentation of Portage Inlet which is a migratory bird and wildlife area. This tidal area also has a ephemeral creek that drains from the surrounding area. Signage near the White Pine pathway describes the colonial activities on Portage Inlet and the Gorge Water front. This would be an okay site to launch a paddle board, kayak or canoe at high tide as the wetland area can be wide.  The playground has slides, swings, a long tube and climbing apparatus on a gravel base for children of all ages. This is good place for parkour. There is a seasonal concession, a meeting room and toilets in a building that is maintained by the ball team. Native plants along the shore of Portage Inlet include snow berries and rose plants as well as several different grasses to help maintain the integrity of the tidal wetlands. White Pine Road Green Space has a footpath into the park from Werra Road. The green spaces at Stillwater Road, Seabird Place, Thomas Park Drive, Polly Place, Crane Place and Tidewater Road are nearby.


Geographical location N48° 27’ 42” W123° 25’ 48”


Helmcken Centennial Park can be reached from the Trans Canada Highway Hwy1. Exit off Hwy1 onto the Helmcken Road and turn south. Victoria General Hospital is to the north along Helmcken Road. At the traffic circle, exit east toward Helmcken Park and Kingham Place. Stay on Kingham Place to reach the small parking lot beside the park. A second parking area is accessed from further along Helmcken Road closer to the buildings. City busses service the Helmcken Park and Ride parking area near Helmcken Road.

Galloping Goose Trail – View Royal

The Galloping Goose Regional Trail is a multi-use trail that connects Victoria to Sooke and Leechtown and is approximately fifty five kilometers long. The trail passes through Victoria and continues onto Sannich, View Royal, Colwood, Langford and further. The three kilometer section that passes westward through the Town of View Royal parallels the Trans Canada Highway then diverges south toward the Old Island Highway. Despite the noise from vehicle traffic, this well traveled trail is frequented by hikers, walker and bicyclists. Access to the trail is from many sites in View Royal including through Welland Legacy Park, from the end of Eaton Avenue and along Camden Avenue. The GGT can also be accessed from Chancellor Avenue, near Victoria General Hospital, along Erskine Lane, Talcott Road and Atkins Avenue. The trail head in View Royal with parking is near Atkins Avenue. Himalayan blackberry bushes, Nootka rose shrubs, hawthorn and maple trees are seen in clusters along this rolling and curving section. Welland Legacy Park, which is along the eastern border of the Town of View Royal, has a chain-link fence with a discrete gate that allows access to the trail. There is a composting toilet at this parkland. The views of Portage Inlet, to the south, are terrific from between Eaton Avenue and Camden Avenue. Chancellor Park, with water fountain and small parking area, can be a good short term site for parking a vehicle and accessing the trail. After Chancellor Park, the GGT passes through a tunnel under Helmcken Road, from which a wide paved pathway branches up the slope toward the Victoria General Hospital. Once past Helmcken Road, the trail slopes downhill for a short stretch and is well shaded by alder, oak and maple trees. Craigflower Creek is at the bottom of the ravine on the south side of the trail. The vegetation along this section, which helps to muffle the traffic noise, is composed of black cotton, Douglas fir, red alder and trees. The trail then slopes upward slightly and continues beside Talcott Road. There is a four way stop at Burnside Road. The trail continue on westward and has more blackberry bushes as well as Scotch broom, and tall grasses. There are firs, oaks and willows as the creek is nearby.just south of Watkiss Way before passing under the freeway overpass bridge and railway bridge to reach Atkins Avenue near Brydon Road. There are washrooms, a water fountain and information sign at Atkins Avenue


Geographic location N48° 27’ 35.7” W123° 27’ 21” near Atkins Avenue


The Galloping Goose Trail can be reached from Hwy1. Turn off on Exit 10 for the Old Island Highway which heads toward Colwood. Continue under the freeway overpass and turn right onto Six Mile Road. Take the second right onto Atkins Avenue and continue to the end of the road. There is limited roadside parking. City buses travel along the Old Island Highway. The trail passes several other roads in View Royal including Eaton Avenue Camden Avenue, Chancellor Avenue, Talcott Road and Watkiss Way.


Trails BC and GGT websites as well as the 2004 Birder’s Guide: Lochside Regional and Galloping Goose Trail written by K. Taylor and published by Alabaster Publishing have further information about this section of the trail.

Welland Legacy Park

Welland Legacy Park oregon grape

Two hundred and thirty-five fruit trees with over one hundred and forty varieties of heritage apples are found at the orchard that forms the Welland Legacy Park. There are kiwi, quince, cherry, paw paw, hazel nut, medlar, grape, pear, plum, and fig trees growing on the two thirds of a hectare parkland. The land was donated to the Town of View Royal by the late Rex Welland, an apple and bee elder as well as a former member of the fruit growers on Vancouver Island. There are Oregon grape (Mahonia aquifolium) plants as well. About half of the property is protected under a covenant with The Land Conservancy of British Columbia. The park borders the Galloping Goose Trail and has a great view of Portage Inlet. There are Douglas fir, Chilean pine (monkey puzzle) and eucalyptus trees as well as other unique species of plants on the property. Lifecycle Project Society hosts workshops for plant maintenance and education. There is a sixty-five meter long paved path, bordered by black chain link fence, along the homestead from Burnside Road W to the park. A composting toilet is in the lower section of the park near the gate from the Galloping Goose Trail. There are also several bee hives on the property and a couple of sheds. Several trees including many apple trees and the Chilean pine tree are separated from the parkland by a black chain-link fence. Tawny Park, Knockan Hill Park, the Galloping Goose Trail and Chancellor Park are nearby.

Geographic location N48° 27’ 55” W123° 25’ 16”

Welland Legacy Park can be reached from Hwy1. Turn off on Exit 8, Helmcken Road, and head northward toward the Victoria General Hospital. Continue on Helmcken Road to Burnside Road West. Turn right onto Burnside Road. Take the second right onto Eaton Avenue and left onto Stancil Lane. The park is at 1215 Stancil Lane or the end of the road. There is limited roadside parking on either Stancil Lane or Burnside Road W. City buses travel along Burnside Road and the park can be accessed from the gated chain-linked fenced paved pathway between 1247 and 1245.

Kingston Street Walkway

Kingston Street Walkway is a twenty five meter paved walkway that leads to the David Foster Way, a footpath along the south shore of  the harbour of Victoria, B.C., from Barclay Point to Ogden Point. This pathway leads down the road access, off Kingston Street, to the shops near the marina of the Coast Harbourside Hotel and beside the Wyndham Vacation towers. There are many other places to enjoy the outdoors and explore nature that are near Kingston Street Walkway like the Heron Cove Park. This also includes Kingston Superior Green Space, Fisherman’s Wharf Park, Heron Street Green Space, the Canadian Coast Guard Rooftop Garden and Green Space, Ogden Point Park and Walkway, Holland Point Park, MacDonald Park, Earnest Todd Park, James Bay Community School Green Space, Todd Park, and James Bay Allotment Garden.

Geographic coordinates N48° 25′ 19” W123° 22′ 49″

Kingston Street Walkway can be reached Blanchard Street. Continue along as Blanchard Street curves to become Belleville Street. Turn left on Douglas Street and then right onto Superior Street. Continue along Superior Street until the junction with St. Lawrence Street. Turn right onto St Lawrence which immediately doubles back to become Kingston Street. The walkway is between buildings 120 and 146. City buses provide service to Fisherman’s Wharf and James Bay area from downtown Victoria.