Flight Path, Victoria International Airport

flight pathWatch a military helicopter or a 737 land or take off along the Flight Path, a wonderful 9 300 meter paved walking and cycling trail that circles the entire Victoria International Airport property.  There are several excellent places to see the activities of the small flight school aircraft as well as private aircraft. Give yourself plenty of time as further distractions along the trail include the ocean views of Patricia Bay and Saanich Inlet, the historical building and lands around Holy Trinity Church and the rural agricultural lands of North Saanich. The Flight Path is an excellent trail to use to explore your backyard. This path pass by Rotary Park with its four excellent baseball diamonds and Phillip Brethour Park along Ocean Avenue in Sidney which has a baseball diamond. The trail also crosses over two urban creeks. Reay Creek drains eastward toward Bazen Bay from the land around the airport. This creek hosts a population of coho salmon.  TenTen Creek drains westward into Patricia Bay from the Glen Meadow Golf Course and airport areas. TenTen Creek contains coastal cutthroat trout.

Geographic coordinates  N48° 40′ 37″ W123° 28′ 48″ to Pat Bay Beach Park

You can get to the Flight Path from Pat Bay Highway. Follow the highway out to Sidney and turn left at Beacon Avenue and continue as the road curves to become McDonald Park Road. At the intersection turn left onto Mills Road. Continue along Mills Road to West Saanich Road where parking can be found near Patricia Bay Beach Park. Since the pathway parallels Beacon Avenue, Mills Road, West Saanich Road, Willingdon Road, Canora Road,  Ocean Avenue and Stirling Way there are many other options to use as starting point to explore the Flight Path. Such as parking in the gravel parking are near Rotary Park just off of Canora Road.

Reay Creek Park

Reay Creek Park Trail

This is a tranquil oasis in Sidney. Reay Creek is small creek that drains from the southeastern part of the airport property into the waters of Brazen Bay. A section of the creek is bordered by parkland although most of it runs through residential developments and roadways.  A peaceful park, there is lush native vegetation surrounding the tranquil stream. The pathway along the creek bank meanders around the large cedar and cottonwood trees. The trail eventually connects with those in Peter Grant Park  Coho salmon and cutthroat trout can be found in the creek.

You can get to Reay Creek Park from Pat Bay Highway.  Turn left at McTavish Road then right to get onto Canora Road. The park is near Webrook Drive  which is accessible from Northbrook Drive. There are several access points to the creek along Webrook Drive.  There is some street parking.  A bus passes along Canora as it travels through this part of Sidney.