Clayton Road Trail, North Saanich

This green space extends about four kilometers from the waters of Deep Cove past some lovely residential homes, Denham Till Park, the gardens at St John’s United Church, Deep Cove Elementary School, to the trails of Horth Hill and Green parks. The pathway has gravel sections that are thick with trees and other vegetation. Other parts of this trail systme parallel the quiet narrow roadway with well maintained private properties. This trail is frequently used by hikers, dog walkers, cyclists and horse-riders. A pleasant detour is to take the short trail to Denham Till Park and take a play break is at the playground and school yard green space of Deep Cove Elementary School. There are several roadways that provide to access Clayton Road Trail so you have many choices for starting your walk in your backyard. The roads include Kalitan, Chalet, Trillium, Baxendale, Rosborough, West Saanich, Heather Alder, Tatlow, Littlewood, as well as Oriole and Larkspur lanes. Directions to the western end of Clayton Road are provided as a guide.

Geographic coordinates N48° 40′ 50″ W123° 28′ 14″ from Clayton Road.

You can get to Clayton Road Trail from Pat Bay Highway.  Before you reach the BC Ferry Terminal follow the signs that lead to McDonald Park -Wain Road.  Stay to the right as you curve off the highway and continue up to cross over the overpass. At the intersection turn left onto Wain Road. Once you reach West Saanich Road turn right and look for the Deep Cove Elementary School on the right and the church on the left. Turn left onto Clayton Road. The short trail is at the end of this road. There is limited roadside parking.

Danton Road Trail, North Saanich

A wonderful place to stroll in your backyard, Danton Road Trail is lined with lovely cedar, Douglas-fir and cottonwood trees. The vegetation in this green space also includes blackberries, ferns and rosehips. As a connector pathway it is frequently used by equestrians as well as hikers, dog walkers and cyclists. The main section is a four hundred and sixty meter trail that connects Chalet Road with Trillium Place, Baxendale Road and Rosborough Road. The last three access points are easily reached from Clayton Road and its trail system. This green space borders on some impressive estates. The minor section leads to the waters of Deep Cove with a view toward Cherry Point, Vancouver Island. Stride across Chalet Road to look for the track to the shoreline.  Danton Road Trail is a short stroll to the Deep Cove Chalet and Muse Winery as well as the marina.

Geographic coordinates  N48° 41′ 4″ W123° 28′ 15″ from Chalet Road

You can get to Danton Road Trail from Pat Bay Highway.  Before you reach BC Ferry Terminal in Swartz Bay look for the signs that lead to McDonald Park – Wain roads.  As you curve to the right continue up the hill and cross over the overpass to reach the intersection with Wain Road.  Turn left on to Wain Road then make a right turn once you reach Tatlow Road. Follow this rolling curving road past the intersection with West Saanich Road until you reach Chalet Road. Turn left onto Chalet Road and look for the hiking trail marker and trail on the left of Chalet Road. The trail marker is next to 11127 Chalet Road. There is limited roadside parking on Chalet Road.