Saint Patrick’s Perish Green Space

St Patrick Perish4

Saint Patrick’s Perish Green Space is in the seaside community of Oak Bay, one of thirteen areas of the Capital Regional District of British Columbia. Initially called Willows Church the building was on a large open field and was created in nineteen twelve. Shortly thereafter it became the original perish for Lady of our Lourdes and was the first Catholic church in Oak Bay. At that time the street, now called Haultain, was called Third Street. This original structure is the Poor Clare Sisters chapel while the new perish was built in nineteen sixty and renamed by the Reverend Father William MacDonald as St Patrick’s. The affiliate elementary school is in Saanich, B.C. St. Patrick’s Elementary school was founded in nineteen fifty-four. A small grass covered area lies to the east of the perish while most of the land is private condo property. Cedar hedge trees and various shrubs forming the green scape around the large asphalt parking lot.

Geographic Location N48º 26’ 10”  W123º 19’ 11”

Saint Patrick’s Perish Green Space can be reached from the Trans Canada Highway. Continue along the Hwy 1 into Victoria as it becomes Douglas Street. Turn off Douglas onto Hillside Avenue to head east. Stay on Hillside Avenue as it becomes Lansdowne Road. Continue along Lansdown Road to reach Foul Bay Road. Turn right onto Foul Bay Road and continue to Haultain Street. Turn left and look for the green space on the left. There is some street parking. City buses travel along Foul Bay Road.

Metchosin Cricket Park


The Metchosin Cricket Park is in Metchosin, B.C. The park has a grass cricket field with the hard packed cricket pitch in the center. A cedar hedge forms the western and southern perimeters of the field. A rough roadway is found on the northern side. A gazebo provides a good view point and is near the eastern side of the pitch.  The Riding Green Space, Bike Park, Hillman Green Space and the Galloping Goose Trail-Metchosin are nearby.

Geographical Location N48º 22’ 43” W123º 32’ 9”

Metchosin Cricket Park can be reached from Highway 1 when you exit at the Millstream /Veteran Memorial Parkway exit. Head south along the Veteran Memorial Parkway to reach Latoria Road. Turn right onto Latoria Road and continue along to reach Happy Valley Road. Turn right onto Happy Valley Road. Continue along Happy Valley Road to reach the cricket pitch which lies behind the municipal hall and the firehall on Happy Valley Road. There is a small parking area. City buses travel along Happy Valley Road toward Metchosin Road.

Helmcken Corner Park

Located near the junction of Helmcken Road with the Island Highway, Helmcken Corner Park is a small landscaped park in View Royal, B.C. This is a good place to find a bench to rest upon and to watch the traffic. A steep granite rock forms a natural wall along the flower and shrubs on western side of the park. A cedar hedge provides a lush green barrier around an electrical box and the park lies over a pumping station. A seasonal flower bed faces the intersection where the trumpet flower plant has been seen. This is an excellent park to include in a walk in your backyard. Lilmkiln Cove Green Space, Stewart Beach, Heddle Park and View Royal Park are nearby.

Geographical location N48° 27’ 23” W123° 26’ 28”

Helmcken Corner Park can be reached from the Trans Canada Highway. Exit onto Helmcken Road and turn south to reach the Island Highway. The park is on the right at this intersection. There is limited parking along both roadways. City buses travel along Helmcken Road and the Island Highway.

Verrinder Park

Located on the corner of Verrinder Avenue and Oak Bay Avenue is a large cedar hedge bordered by seasonal flower beds. This small park area has a grassy area as well. If you enjoy watching traffic in Victoria, BC, this can be an interesting intersection to enjoy the flowers and watch the flow. Pandora Street Green Space and Stadacona Park are cross the roadways at this junction of Verrinder Avenue, Fort Street, Oak Bay Avenue and Pandora Street.

Geographic coordinates N48° 25′ 35” W123° 20′ 13″

Verrinder Park can be reached from Blanchard Street. Turn east onto Fort street. Near the junction with Oak Bay Avenue turn left onto Verrinder Avenue and look for the park on the corner. That’s it! There is limited roadside parking along Fort Street in front of the shops just before Verrinder Avenue. City buses travel along Fort Street and Oak Bay Avenue between downtown and the University of Victoria.