Happy Valley Elementary School Green Space

Happy Valley Elementary School Green Space is in the Happy Valley neighborhood of Langford, B.C. This green space is on the western slope of Triangular Hill where a large grass covered sports field was created with the new school building. There are a couple of playgrounds and a partial basketball court. The playgrounds are near the northwest side of the Sooke School District 62 building built in 2006 with reconfiguration in 2010. The smaller colorful playground is for the youngest children at the school and has a low platform with a slide and variety of climbing, swinging and other play structures set on a wood chip base. The other play area consists of several different structures including a swing set with six swings. A climbing apparatus with slide and three rectangular monkey bar contraptions. The basketball court is on the eastside of the school yard is partially covered with a portable classroom. A chain-link fence surrounds the school yard with several parking areas. The green space is available outside of school hours. This green space has been school grounds since nineteen twelve when a single building housed the teacher and her students. The school was named area which was named for the atmosphere that early pioneers brought to the area in the late eighteen hundreds. Weaver Park, Weaver Green Space, Ed Fisher Memorial Park, Ernhill Park, Isabell Green Space, Sedgwick Park, Luxton Park, Fisher’s Pond Park, Galloping Goose Trail – Langford  and Glen Lake Park are nearby.


Geographic location N48° 25’44”  W123°31’45”


Happy Valley Elementary School Green Space can be reached from the Trans Canada Highway also called Hwy1. Turn off Hwy1 at the Millstream and Veteran’s Memorial Parkway. Continue along VMP to reach Sooke Road. Turn right onto Sooke Road and continue to Happy Valley Road. Follow Happy Valley Road to reach the school grounds. There is a pedestrian access from Weaver Place to the school yard. The grass field can be reached from Weaver Green Space, Blueberry Lane and Acadian Road. There is limited roadside parking this area. City buses travel along Happy Valley Road.


See the Happy Valley Elementary School website for a summary of the history of the school.

Willway Elementary School Green Space

Willway ESGS conifer grove Willway ESGS blue playground

Located within the Sooke School District #62, Willway Elementary School yard is in Goldstream neighborhood of Langford, B.C. The green space that forms the school grounds has two playground areas, several benches and picnic tables. The two and half hectare green space is available outside of school hours. The front of the shcool building has some picnic tables near the grove of pine trees, possibly white pines. Also near the parking area, at the front of the school, is a asphalt area for sports such as hockey, as well as a small monkey bar set and swing set. The second playground has swings and a climbing platform that has a slide. It lies near the asphalt basketball court and hopscotch grids around the back of the school building. A small fenced garden area hosts several edible plants. Most of the school ground is a large open grass field used for sports like soccer, field hockey, baseball or running events. The green space is surrounded by chain link fencing, that border along private homes, except at the trails for Lakehurst Green Space, Robalee Green Space and the two Santana Green Spaces. This is great place to visit in your backyard. Gold Stream Provincial Park, Mt Wells Regional Park, Harlequin Park, Goldstream Meadows Park, Langford Lake Park and several green spaces are nearby.

Geographic location N48° 27’27” W123°32’58”

Willway Elementary School Green Space can be reached from the Trans Canada Highway also called Hwy1. Turn at the Westshore Parkway and make a right onto Amy Road to pass the gas station. Continue along Amy Road which merges with Sooke Lake Road. Turn left onto Mt Wells Drive and look for the school at 2930. There is limited roadside parking this area and the school parking area is often gated.

Shoreline Middle School Green Space

Shoreline Middle School play area

The school is part of the Victoria School District number sixty-one and as such the school grounds are used for students during school hours. The area is landscaped with a few arbutus and Garry oak trees as well as a large grass covered field. This is the sports field that is used for soccer, baseball and rugby as well as track and field. There is a trail along the ridge of grounds that parallels the sidewalk along the Island Highway. The road forms the south border of this green space. An excellent playground is along the ridge near the fenced basketball court. The playground is on a wood chip based and a linear setup that is great for climbing and balancing. The view of Portage Inlet from the playground makes this a favorite place. The green space is near the portage route or the shortest walking access to Esquimalt Harbour via Portage Park. This portage route was used haul boats and supplies from the Inlet to the Harbour. Craigflower House and Shoreline Drive Green Space are close by. Portage Park and the E&N Rail Trail are to the west.

Evelyn Heights Park

Evelyn Heights Park 8

Evelyn Heights Park is a neighborhood playground in View Royal, B.C. Located just south of the Highland Pacific Golf Course, this small park has excellent amenities for organized outdoor play in a quiet residential area. There is a half court marked for basketball with a painted three point area. This asphalt court is separated by a lawn and landscaped shrubs from the wood chip based playground area. The playground has swings, a rocking frog and climbing apparatus to a platform with a slide. It is designed for toddler aged children. A bench and picnic table provides seats for respite. The young trees provide shade in to part of the parkland. The view from this park is to the south over View Royal toward the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Olympic Mountains in Washington State, USA. The park is surrounded by a chain-link fence with a gravel perimeter. The northern edge which backs onto the golf course has a tall cedar hedge. Overhead are the hydroelectric lines. Francis View Park is south along Phyllis Road and Evelyn Heights Green Space is down the road. This is a great place to visit to enjoy the outdoors.


Geographical location N48° 28’ 3” W123° 26’ 55”


Evelyn Heights Park can be accessed from Hwy 1, the Trans Canada Highway. Exit onto Burnside Road West using exit #10 and follow the curve to the right. At the intersection with Watkiss Way, turn left onto Watkiss Way. Turn right onto Francis View Drive and drive to the summit. Take the first left onto Phyllis Road. The park is at the junction with Evelyn Heights Park. There is limited street parking. A city bus travels along Watkiss Way.

South Park Elementary School Green Space

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Central Middle School Green Space, Victoria, BC

Central Middle School Playground

Two hectares of sports field and outdoor space complement the upgraded buildings of Central Middle School, part of the Victoria School District 61 lands. This central location boasts as the origin for the school system in Victoria as it hosted the first public school, high school and college starting back in the mid eighteen fifties. The school building was rebuilt in 1954 and underwent seismic upgrades in 2010. The grass covered sports field area is just large enough for two games simultaneously. Separately slight from the other marked asphalt areas are two basketball courts which have three point lines. Bonus! The playground is on wood chip base and has a series of platforms connected with monkey bars, balancing steps and climbing apparatus. The green space is shaded by a few tall Garry oak trees. The perimeter of the school grounds is enhanced by the colorful ornamental Japanese plum trees which constrict nicely with the mountain ash, cedar, London plane and black locust trees. As a school yard, this green space has limited access during school hours.

Geographic coordinates N48° 25′ 28” W13° 20′ 49″

Central Middle School Green Space can be reached from Blanchard Street. Turn east onto Fort Street and follow along to turn left onto Ormond Street or left at the junction with Fernwood, which is just before the Yates Street intersection with Fort Street. Central Middle School lies between Yates and Fort streets. While roadside parking can be found along Yates Street, there is a small parking area off of Fort Street. City buses travel along Fort Street from downtown Victoria.

Ecole Margaret Jenkins Elementary Green Space


Ecole MargaretEcole Margaret 3

A spacious grass sports field marked with goal posts and lined by tall horse chestnut, London plane and Garry oak trees with a beautiful brick school building forms the Ecole Margaret Jenkins Elementary Green Space. The school is part of the Victoria School District 61 and was built in nineteen fourteen. It was named for a school trustee and teacher. There are two playground equipment areas for children at this school. One is a colorful interconnected metal structure with low platforms and various monkey bar and climbable areas. The other has colorful climbing structures and includes balancing stepping posts, a curly pole, stairs, chain link ladder and arched ladders that lead up to a platform with slides. There are two basketball courts near this western playground site. A third full size basketball court is closer to Chandler Street. There is a two pieces of play equipment near this court: a tall metal slide and a arched monkey bar. This green space is close to Chandler Gonzales Pathway which leads toward Pemberton Park and Glenlyon Norfolk Green Space, Wilmer Green and Maddison Green. Gonzales Hill Park and Gonzales Beach are to the east and south. Hollywood Park is west along Fairfield Road. The Victoria Heritage Foundation has further information about the Fairfield and Rockland area of Victoria, BC.

Geographic coordinates N48° 25′ W123° 19′ 45″

Ecole Margaret Jenkins Elementary Green Space can be reached from Blanchard Street. Turn east onto Fairfield Road and follow along to Richmond Avenue. Turn left onto Richmond Avenue and look for the school on the right. There is roadside parking along Richmond, Chandler, Foul Bay or Fairfield roads. The school has a small parking area. City buses travel along Fairfield Road and Foul Bay Road  between downtown and the University of Victoria.