Carmanah Place Green Space

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Carmanah Place Green Space

Collinson Street Green Space

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Collinson Green Space

Chapman Park


chapman park  6Chapman Park lies near the Cook Street Village neighborhood of the City of Victoria, B.C. This park is a 0.26 hectare grass covered area with a ship-shaped play structure. Located only about a block east of Cook Street Village, its playground is designed for those with a sea-imagination. A slide extends down from the platform that is reached by stairs and ladders from the wood chip covered ground. Garry oak, London plane, black locust and alder trees provide amply shade for the playground, picnic table and benches. There is just enough lawn to play a game of bocce ball or catch. This quiet parkland is bordered by a sidewalk along both Linden Avenue and Chapman Street. The northern corner perimeter is formed by the chain-link and wooden fences from the two bordering properties. This park, and perhaps the two blocks that make Chapman Street, may have been named, in the early nineteen hundreds, after either of the Victorian residents Howard J. Chapman, a photographer, or Dr. John Chapman Davie, a physician and surgeon. Cook Street Playground – Beacon Hill, Clover Point Park, Moss Rock Park and Sir James Douglas Elementary School Green Space are nearby.

Geographic coordinates N48° 24′ 46” W123° 21′ 10″

Chapman Park can be reached from Blanchard Street. Turn east onto Fairfield Road and follow along to Linden Street. Turn right onto Linden and look for the park located on at the junction with Chapman Street. There is limited roadside parking. City buses travel along Fairfield Road and Cook Street from downtown Victoria.

Briarwood Place Beach, North Saanich

Briarwood Place Beach, North SaanichBriarwood Place Beach faces westward and is a great place to enjoy summertime sunsets. This is also a terrific place to launch a kayak, paddle board and canoe. The broad pathway leads to a short concrete staircase and a ramp to the sand and rock beach. The beach provides good place for swimming in the summer months once the water warms up a little. This beach is just south of Patricia Bay and north of Coles Bay.  While this beach is surrounded by private residential homes of this North Saanich neighborhood, it is quiet and serene.

Geographic coordinates  N48° 38′ 50″ W123° 27′ 39″

Briarwood Place Beach can be reached from Pat Bay Highway.  Leave the highway at Exit 26, the McTavish Interchange, an unique and confusing series of roundabouts that make a multi-circle roadway overpass. Take the third exit onto McTavish Road then take the second exit to stay on McTavish Road. Follow McTavish Road past the East Saanich Intersection and continue until you reach West Saanich Road (BC 17A North) turn right onto West Saanich Road. Follow along this road until you reach Frizell Road. This intersection will be to the left as West Saanich Road curves to the right. Frizell Road is short and curves to become Gleneig Avenue. Turn right onto Glynnwood Park Road as the road curves left. Brairwood Place Beach is the first left. There is limited roadside parking.

Madrona Drive Green Space

A relatively discrete  meandering trail leads from Madrona Drive through a forested green space to the shoreline of Saanich Inlet. Although the pathway is also enclosed by fences, this hundred meter long green space does have a the usual salal and ferns in a few places. The hundred meter pathway is shaded by arbutus and Douglas-fir trees. The shoreline is a rock outcrop which is enclosed by private properties on either side.  The excellent views across Saanich Inlet are Cherry Point on Vancouver Island. This green space is a good spot along the Salish Sea to include in a walk around the neighborhood of Deep Cove in North Saanich.

Geographic coordinates  N48° 40′ 44″ W123° 28′ 58″

You can get to Madrona Drive Green Space from Pat Bay Highway.  Before you reach ferry terminal follow the signs that lead to McDonald Park – Wain Road.  Stay to the right as you exit the highway and curve up to cross over the overpass. At the intersection turn left onto Wain Road.  Continue on Wain Road past West Saanich Road until you reach Madrona Drive. Turn right and look for the hiking trail marker to the left before the road starts to curve past Setchell Road. The hiking marker is between 10926 and 10932 Madrona Drive. There is limited roadside parking.

Prentice Pond Park

Named and built by Captain J.D. Prentice, a distinguished captain of the Royal Navy and the Royal Canadian Navy, Prentice Pond Park has a shoreline trail along the edge of the fresh water pond. This is a peaceful small pond surrounded by Douglas-fir, western red cedars, alders and black cottonwood trees. It lies the low wetslands of this North Sannich’s Swartz Head neighborhood. The area also has a few blackberries mixed among the ferns and salal. If you are quiet enough you’ll see the ducks and other birds that make use of the shallow muddy waters. The trail connects with Boas Road and Dunne Road to the east and to Tryon Place to the north.

Prentice Park Pond

Geographic location N48° 40’ 44”  W123° 24’ 28”

You can get to Prentice Pond Park from Pat Bay Highway.  Before you reach ferry terminal follow the signs that lead to Lands End Road.  Turn east on Kitti Wake Place the south toward West Port Marina to follow the curves and hills of Tryon Road to Prentice Place. Alternatively turn off at Tryon Place from Tryon Road and look for the trail near the end of the street. Or access Dunne and Boas roads from Kitti Wake Place by turning left onto Curteis Road. Continue on Curteis Road to Dunne Road terminus for the trail. Continue past Dunne Road onto Kedge Anchor Road onto Inwood Road. Boas Road branches off near the junction of those roads. The trail is at a green space part way up the slight hill. There is limited roadside parking at all locations.