Walks in Your Back Yard – CRD, BC

Walks in Your Back Yard

in the Capital Regional District of British Columbia, Canada

by R. Eckard 2017

Thirteen communities form the Capital Regional District of British Columbia, Canada. Located on the southern end of Vancouver Island, the hub of this district is the City of Victoria, the capital of the province. This blog describes the parks, playgrounds and green spaces that help form wonderful urban woodland within this district.

Occupied for over five thousand years, there is a population of nearly than half a million people on Southern Vancouver Island.  The majority of this district is covered in bedrocks that were formed by the gradual movement of small sections of the crust. These sedimentary, metamorphic and volcanic rocks are overlain by glacial sediments in a few places.


North Saanich


Central Saanich


Oak Bay

Victoria, BC, Canada

View Royal






Juan de Fuca Electoral Area


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