Millstream Creek Trail

Mill Stream boardwalk Mill Stream forest

There are three sections to the Millstream Creek Trail in Langford, B.C. Goldie Trail forms the first section that is starts north of Goldie Park. The second section lies just south of this park. This section of trail is about five hundred and forty meters along the flowing waters of Mill Stream. The third section starts at Treanor Avenue and heads downstream another four hundred meters to reach Selwyn Road. Mill Stream, or Millstream Creek as it is often called, is the main waterway in a watershed that starts in the Gowlland Tod range of the Highlands and includes seven lakes and numerous ponds. There is about five kilometers of Mill Stream that lie within the City of Langford. Millstream Creek Trail is a compact gravel trail can be accessed at the bridge over the creek along Treanor Avenue in Langford, B.C. The trail is along the back of the Ecole Millstream Elementary School, on Hoy Lake Road, in the Thetis Heights neighborhood. The route is along a ridge line above the creek bed. A chain link fencing and steel barriers limit access to the water along most of the pathway. Tall cedar and Douglas-fir trees provide ample shade to the trail and forest floor. Ferns, salal, snowberry and ocean-spray plants are seen. Song birds and the occasionally migratory waterfowl can be seen. In the floodplain of the creek, lantern plants thrive. The trail leads to the playground at Goldie Park and passes by Millstream Park. Goldie Trail starts at the end of Goldie Road. Geographic location N48° 27’53” W123°29’44” Millstream Creek Trail can be reached from the Trans Canada Highway also called Hwy1. Turn at Millstream Road and turn right onto Treanor Avenue just before the log house pub. Make a left turn on to Hoy Lake Road. There is parking near the school grounds. The Trail starts near the bridge along Treanor Avenue. City buses travel along Treanor Avenue.


2 thoughts on “Millstream Creek Trail

  1. could you please give me specific directions. I have just moved to 715 Treanor and need to walk my little dog .

    • Hi Laura, What a great neighborhood you live in. Since you wrote that you live near Teanor Avenue, there is pathway to walk your little dog that is near the Millstream Elementary School. Walk along Treanor Street past the Log House pub and away from Millstream Road. Continue about two blocks so that you pass by Hoylake Avenue. The school yard is on this corner and the trail along the creek is close to the bridge over Millstream Creek. let me know if this helps. Roberta Healthy Naturalist

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