Lime Kiln Park, View Royal, B.C.

Lime Kiln Park Heritage Site

Along Hart Road in View Royal, the structure of a century old commercial chemistry experiment is undergoing restoration. The park is a protected heritage site in View Royal, B.C., wherein lies the remnants of a hundred year old kiln. Lime Kiln Park is a two hundred square meter area that contains a kiln that was built in the late eighteen hundreds. Like other such structure, the kiln decomposed limestone, also called calcium carbonate, into lumps of quicklime (which is calcium oxide). The quicklime was combined with measured amounts of water which formed lime hydrate (also called calcium hydroxide). This an ancient science experiment produces a material that used to form concrete. It was also used to improve soils for agriculture and white wash walls. Granite bedrock covered with moss, lichen and small shrubs surround the kiln. Big leaf maple, Douglas fir and dogwood trees area seen in the parkland. The area has a housing development built on the ridge that overlooks the parkland. The park is fenced with a six foot tall black chain link fence with a locked gate while restoration is underway. Mellor Park is across Hart Road and Parson’s Bridge Park is along the Island Highway near the bridge.

Geographical location N48° 27’ 17” W123° 27’ 33”

Lime Kiln Park can be accessed from the Trans Canada Highway, Hwy1. Exit onto the Island Highway and stay to the left to travel under the free way and railway overpass. Continue along the Island Highway to Hart Road. Turn left onto Hart Road and look for the park on the right. There is limited roadside parking along Hart Road. City buses travel along the Island Highway.

There are several documents available that describe the restoration process of this unique heritage site.

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