Duffus Trail Park

Duffus Trail Mill Stream view point  8 Duffus Trail 1 Mill Stream view point

Duffus Trail is along the northwest side of the floodplain of Mill Stream in View Royal, B.C. The gravel and grass trail is also bordered by residential homes and a split-cedar fence. The trail from the road is along a twenty meter long concrete pathway between two homes. Then take the four flights of wooden stairs: two with ten steps and two with fourteen steps to the shoreline and pathway. The three hundred meter long gravel and grass pathway follows the shoreline of muddy tidal estuary area of Mill Stream. Mill Stream, or Millstream Creek as it is often called, is the main waterway in a watershed that starts in the Gowlland Tod range of the Highlands and includes seven lakes and numerous ponds. A visit to Duffus Trail Park allows you to enjoy views of cedar trees and sword ferns along the southern slopes of the stream. The wetlands near the stream are bordered by several plants like scotch broom and alder trees. Maureen Duffus is an author known for local history of Southern Vancouver Island and raised her family in the area. There are benches along the walkway which makes it a good place to observe local and migratory water birds such as Canada geese, widgeons, gadwell, herons, cormorants, loons, mallards, mergansers and gulls. Burchill Park and Parson’s Access Park is nearby as it is Mill Cove Park and the Galloping Goose Trail.

Geographical location N48° 27’ 18” W123° 27’ 55”

Duffus Trail Park can be accessed from the Trans Canada Highway, Hwy1. Exit onto the Old Island Highway and stay to the left to merge with traffic going under the freeway and railway overpasses. Turn onto Six Mile Road and continue to Atkin Road. Turn left onto Atkin Road then left again onto Anya Lane, marked as a private road. The lane is narrow and winds through the private homes and past the Pollock Farm to reach Anya Court. The park access is between homes 302 and 305. There is limited roadside parking along Anya Court or Anya Lane. City buses travel along the Atkin Road.

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