Stewart Beach

Stewart Shoreline access 8 Stewart Shoreline access 9

The Town of View Royal, BC, has some unique waterfront beach accesses with views of Fisgard Lighthouse, forested areas, watery reefs and the Olympic Mountains of Washington State in the distance. This is one of those amazing places. Stewart Beach lies along the north shore of Esquimalt Harbour near Victoria, B.C. The uplands area is on a low ridge and has a bench near the road access. The landscaped garden beds of the residential homes on both sides of the park enhance the patch of grass beside the bench which is also next to the Stewart Avenue sewage pumping station. An asphalt trail leads past this bench to a set of thirty three stairs to another view point and bench. Located on a rocky promontory, this bench can be a great place to watch the activity of local fauna and to enjoy the scenery. A short ramp leads the rest of the way down to the pebble and coarse sand beach on the right. There is a small beach to the left and is a good place to launch a personal watercraft like a paddleboard, kayak or canoe. The park is best accessed at lower tides. This is a wonderful place to explore in your backyard.

Geographical location N48° 27’ 8” W123° 26’ 35”

Stewart Beach can be accessed from Hwy 1. Exit onto Helmcken Road (exit #8) and head south down the hill toward Esquimalt Harbour waters across the Island Highway. Turn left onto View Royal Avenue and then right onto Stewart Avenue. Continue to the end of Stewart Avenue. The trail to the beach is near the pumping structures. There is limited parking in this area. The city bus travels along View Royal Avenue.

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