E &N Rail Trail – View Royal

E&N Rail Trail Portage Park E&N Rail Trail Portage Inlet

This three kilometer regional trail parallels the E&N railway track from Halloway Road to Atkins Avenue in View Royal, B.C. While there is typically a footpath on or along railbeds, the E&N Rail Trail – View Royal is being developed into a paved multi-user trail that lies beside the functional railway track. The rail trail hooks up with the Galloping Goose Trail and Trans Canada Trail at Atkins Avenue.


From Halloway Road, the Rail Trail passes through the Douglas fir and Garry oak forest of Portage Park. There are several footpaths into the park including one that leads to a tunnel that passes under the railway. The pedestrian bridge over the Island Highway is at about seven hundred meters from Halloway Road. From the bridge there are views of the waters of Portage Inlet and the hills to the north. The trail also ties in with the cyclist route beside the Island Highway with a paved curved ramp. The Rail Trail continues to bend along the waters of Portage Inlet and is bordered by private properties on the south side. The trail curves to head westward along the estuary and shore of Craigflower Creek. There are red alder and willow trees that form the riparian area which is the habitat for many local and migratory birds. The grass coverd slope of Glenairlie Park can be seen to the south. As the rail trail reaches the bridge over Helmcken Road, View Royal Elementary School Green Space with sports fields and playground areas can be seen. Once past the bridge, the landscaped and grass covered area of View Royal Park encourage an excursion from the trail in this lovely residential area with royal views. The Rail Trail continues through residential complexes and single family homes to reach Fort Victoria. Palmer Station, an original VIA Rail stop, divides the pleasant camping and recreation vehicle grounds of the Fort Victoria RV Park. Soon the forested area of Kislingbury Road Green Space is seen to the left while the Adams Place Green Space lies further along to the right just after the storage facility with many cargo boxes. The trail eventually connects to the Atkins Avenue junction with the Galloping Goose Trail.


Note as of December 2014 this trail is under construction and sections are incomplete.


Geographical location N48° 27’ 47” W123° 25’ 50” at Halloway Road


The Rail Trail – View Royal can be reached from the Trans Canada Highway (Hwy 1). Since the rail trail connects with the Galloping Goose Trail-View Royal the route can be accessed from Atkins Avenue where there is a small parking area. To reach the Halloway Road section of the Rail Trail exit Hwy1 onto Admirals Road and continue passed Craigflower Bridge and Road to turn right onto Halloway Road. There is limited roadside parking near the trail head at the end of Halloway Road. City buses travel near this trail at many road crossings.

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