Tidewater Road Green Space


Tidewater Road Green Space is natural area on Portage Inlet in View Royal, B.C. The green space is surrounded by a split cedar fence to protect the tidal wetlands and replanted native plants. Oceanspray, Oregon grape, salal, and snow berry bushes as well as ferns and trees are protected in this small area in a quiet residential neighborhood near Helmcken Park. Further along Kingham Place there is a large sequoia tree and a couple of undeveloped shoreline accesses to Portage Inlet. The relatively inaccessible road-right-of-ways at both Crane Place and Polly Place provide access to the shoreline of Portage Inlet.


Geographical location N48° 27’ 48” W123° 25’ 43”


Tidewater Green Space can be reached from the Trans Canada Highway Hwy1. Exit off Hwy1 onto the Helmcken Road and turn south. At the traffic circle, exit east toward Helmcken Park and Kingham Place. Stay on Kingham Place as it curves around to circle the residential homes on a promontory of Portage Inlet. There is limited roadside parking along Kingham Road near Tidewater Road Green Space.

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