Highlands Road Green Space

Highland Road GS fernsThis green space is the road-right-of-way of a closed section of Highlands Road in View Royal, B. C. This eight hundred meter long roadway curves north from the junction with Barker Road. Many maps show Highland Road continuing another kilometer to Munn Road, although Highland Road Ranch has signs posted to discourage access. The closed gravel roadway passes beside large acreages with wire fencing protecting beautiful moss covered trees and rocks. There are several large Douglas fir trees as well as big leaf maples along the roadside. This is an easy walk with low hills to stride along and is a terrific place to walk in your backyard. This green space is beside the trailhead for the Panhandle Trail of Thetis Lake Park and close to Westoby Road Green Space.


Geographic location N48° W28’ 55” 123° 27’ 47”


Highlands Road Green Space can be reached from the Trans Canada Highway or Hwy 1. Turn off at Exit 10 to reach Burnside Road West. Stay right as the road branches toward the junction with Watkiss Way. Turn left onto Watkiss Way and then right onto Highland Road. Follow Highland Road as it narrows when it enters Thetis Lake Regional Park. The road has several curves around the trees and rocks to reach Barker Road. The Thetis Lake Regional Park -Panhandle Trail trailhead is near the junction of Barker Road with Highland Road. There is limited parking along the roadways although there is a small parking area at the trailhead. City buses travel to the junction of Highland Road and Watkiss Way.


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