Portage Inlet Linear Park

 Portage Linear Park trail

Portage Inlet Linear Park is a waterfront park along Portage Inlet in View Royal, B.C.  A paved three hundred meter long walkway along the north shore of Portage Inlet is in Portage Inlet Linear Park.This park hosts the nineteen sixty-six carved Tsimshian Bear totem pole. The monument faces the freeway as the lands were once a used as a scenic wayside park for travellers. The park is separated from the Trans Canada Highway (Hwy1) by concrete crash barriers and partially separated from the freeway with a pre-cast concrete wood fence; although this is only near the St. Giles Street side. This multi-user trail is used by runners, dog walking, cyclists and hikers as it connects St. Giles Street, in View Royal, with Portage Street, in Saanich. A side pathway parallels part of trail and is closer to the freeway. Most of the park has been landscaped with various trees such as spruce and pine trees as well as grass covered area.  Portage Inlet resembles a lake yet is connected to the harbour of Victoria, B.C., by the narrow Gorge Waters. The inlet is shallow with most places less than a meter and contain beds of eel grass. The estuary waters are feed by Hospital, Craigflower and Colquitz creeks as well as smaller ephemeral streams. Pacific salmon and Olympia oysters can be found in the water as well as many other organisms. The shoreline along the park is muddy with some blackberry and ocean spray bushes. Helmcken Park, View Royal Park, Stillwater Road Green Space, Chancellor Avenue Green Space, St. Giles Park are nearby. The Galloping Goose Trail, Trans Canada Trail, Victoria General Hospital Green Space and Chancellor Park are on the north side of the freeway.

Geographic location N48° 28 8.3” W123° 25’ 14.7”

Portage Inlet Linear Park can be reached from Hwy1. Turn off on Exit 8, Helmcken Road, and head southward away from the Victoria General Hospital. Continue on Helmcken Road to St. Giles West. Turn left onto St Giles Road and continue to the end of the road. There is limited roadside parking. City buses travel along Helmcken Road.

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