Park Ridge Place Green Space


Park Ridge Place View Royal 3Park Ridge Place Green Space is a narrow pathway between homes in the Thetis neighborhood of View Royal, B.C. The thirty five meter long footpath connects to trails in Thetis Lake Regional Park. The green space is lined by wood fences and cedar hedge trees of the border properties. Chalmers Court Park and its playground area is close. Riverside Drive Green Space, Marler Park, Valley View Green Space Meadow Vale Green Space, Craigflower Creek Park, the Galloping Goose Trail-View Royal, the Trans Canada Trail-View Royal and Francis View Park are nearby.


Geographic location N48° 28’3” W123°27’30s”


Park Ridge Green Space can be reached from the Trans Canada Highway, also called Hwy1. Take Exit 11 onto Six Mile Road to reach the Old Island Highway. Turn left onto the Old Island Highway and stay on the roadway as it becomes Burnside Road West. The roadway passes under the Trans Canada Freeway bridges and continues up the hill to the junction of Burnside Road West and Watkiss Way. Turn left onto Watkiss Way and continue until the road turns right and becomes Highland Road. Take the third right onto Riverside Drive and the next left onto Park Ridge Place. Continue to the end of the road as the green space is in the turnabout for the street. City buses travel along Watkiss Road to the junction with Highland Road.

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