Thetis Lake Regional Park – Creed Road Trail

A wide gravel footpath from Creed Road leads to Craigflower Creek Trail which is one of many trails in Thetis Lake Regional Park. The Creed Road trailhead is just south a large redwood tree. The trail is lined by a chain-linked fence on the south and a post and wire fence to the north. Cedar and fir trees shade the pathway which leads to several sets of staircases: some steel staircases other parts are older wood-barrier steps. The trail crosses over Craigflower Creek on an aluminum bridge and branches up and downstream along the creek. This creek is habitat for sea-run steel head salmon and feels pristine. This is great walk in your back yard and can be extended as the trail connects southward to Marler Park. Chalmers Court Park, Thetis Lake Park, Craigflower Creek Park, Francis View Park, Evelyn Heights Park, Evelyn Heights Francis View Green Space, Galloping Goose Trail-View Royal, Trans Canada Trail-View Royal and Nursery Hill Park.


Geographic location N48° 27’56” W123° 27’8”


Thetis Lake Regional Park- Creed Road Trail can be reached from the Trans Canada Highway also called Hwy1. Take Exit 11 onto Six Mile Road to reach the Old Island Highway. Turn left onto the Old Island Highway and pass under the Trans Canada Freeway bridges and continue to the junction of Burnside Road and Watkiss Way. Turn left onto Watkiss Way then turn right onto Creed Road. Continue on along Creed Road to house number 450 and look for a small gravel parking area on the left. The trail is along the fence line for the home numbered 451. City buses travel along Watkiss Road to the junction with Highland Road.



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