Francis View Park

Francis View Park

Francis View Park is located on a ridge and overlooks the Trans Canada Highway, the estuary of Mill Stream in Esquimalt Harbour and southward to the Olympic Mountains of Washington State, USA. The park is under the hydroelectric towers that supply electricity to the substation located in View Royal, B.C. The southern border of the park is along an abbreviated section of Watkiss Way and has a cedar split fence and rock wall. A steep rough pathway leads to the grassy area at the top. This trail is bordered by broom, blackberries and small Garry oak trees. The highest point in the parkland is near the concrete and gravel pathway from Francis View Drive. A small grass covered area is near the bench close to the hydroelectric tower.  Evelyn Heights Park, Burnside Watkiss Park, Eagle View Elementary School Green Space, Burnside Road Green Space, Galloping Goose Trail – View Royal, Craigflower Creek Park and Game Nature Park are nearby.


Geographical location N48° 27’ 59” W123° 26’ 53”


Francis View Park can be accessed from the Trans Canada Highway also called Hwy 1. Exit onto Burnside Road West using exit #10 and follow the road as it curves up to the right. At the intersection with Watkiss Way, turn left onto Watkiss Way. Immediately turn right to access the homes along the northside of Watkiss Way. There is limited street parking along this section of the road. Alternatively continue along Watkiss Way to reach Francis View Drive. The park is near the top of the hill on the right. There is limited street side parking. A city bus route is along Watkiss Way.

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