Trans Canada Trail – View Royal

TCT GGT tunnel under Helmcken Road from ped crossing over trailThe Galloping Goose Trail forms this section three kilometer section of the Trans Canada Trail.

The following is a repeat of the information seen on the blog for the Galloping Goose Trail – View Royal.


The Galloping Goose Regional Trail is a multi-use trail that connects Victoria to Sooke and is approximately fifty five kilometers long.  The three kilometer section that passes westward through the Town of View Royal parallels the Trans Canada Highway then diverges south toward the Old Island Highway. Despite the noise from vehicle traffic, this well traveled trail is frequented by hikers, walker and bicyclists. Himalayan blackberry bushes, Nootka rose shrubs, hawthorn and maple trees are seen in clusters along this rolling and curving section.

Access to the trail is from many sites in View Royal including through Welland Legacy Park, from the end of Eaton Avenue and along Camden Avenue. The TCT can also be accessed from Chancellor Avenue, near Victoria General Hospital, along Erskine Lane, Talcott Road and Atkins Avenue. A trail head for the GAlloping Goose Trail,  in View Royal, that has parking is near Atkins Avenue.

Welland Legacy Park, which is along the eastern border of the Town of View Royal, has a chain-link fence with a discrete gate that allows access to the trail. There is a composting toilet at this parkland. The views of Portage Inlet, to the south, are terrific from between Eaton Avenue and Camden Avenue. Chancellor Park, with water fountain, playground and small parking area, can be a good short term site for parking a vehicle and accessing the trail. After Chancellor Park, the GGT passes through a tunnel under Helmcken Road, from which a wide paved pathway branches up the slope toward the Victoria General Hospital. Once past Helmcken Road, the trail slopes downhill for a short stretch and is well shaded by alder, oak and maple trees. Craigflower Creek is at the bottom of the ravine on the south side of the trail. The vegetation along this section, which helps to muffle the traffic noise, is composed of black cotton, Douglas fir, red alder and trees. The trail then slopes upward slightly and continues across Talcott Road and then curves up to the junction of Watkiss Way and Burnside Road. There is a four way stop at Burnside Road and Watkiss Way. The trail continues on westward and has more blackberry bushes as well as Scotch broom and tall grasses. There are firs, oaks and willows as the creek is nearby. The trail continues down hill and lies just south of Watkiss Way before passing under the freeway overpass bridge and railway bridge to reach Atkins Avenue near Brydon Road. There are washrooms, a water fountain and information sign at Atkins Avenue.

Geographic location N48° 27’ 35.7” W123° 27’ 21” near Atkins Avenue

The Trans Canada Trail can be reached from Hwy1. Turn off on Exit 10 for the Old Island Highway which heads toward Colwood. Continue under the freeway overpass and turn right onto Six Mile Road. Take the second right onto Atkins Avenue and continue to the end of the road. There is a parking area. City buses travel along the Old Island Highway. The trail passes several other roads in View Royal including Eaton Avenue, Camden Avenue, Chancellor Avenue, Erskine Lane,Talcott Road and Watkiss Way.


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