Rice Mill Landing Park, Victoria, B.C.

Rice Mill landing (Capital Iron) upper harbour

The Rice Mill Landing Park has scenic lookout point with wonderful views of the upper harbour of Victoria, B.C. This small area is primarily used by patrons of Ocean River Sport and Capital Iron stores yet there is a harbour ferry dock at the small marina in The Design District. There is an arbour sheltering a bench near the end of the wharf. Another bench is set up under an arbutus tree near the kayak storage racks. Black berry bushes cling to the shoreline. A huge metal funnel and other pieces of ships can be seen at this park, perhaps remnants from the iron salvage operations. The wreck of the Green whaling ship can be seen just below the wharf during low tide. This park is along the David Foster Way, a five kilometer harbour walk from Barclay Point to Odgen Point. The proposed Barclay Point Park is to the north. Central Park and Royal Athletic Park is to the east, about five blocks. The Canoe Club Boardwalk is to the south.

Geographic coordinates N48° 25′ 51” W123° 22′ 17″

Rice Mill Landing Park can be reached Blanchard Street. Turn right at Discovery Street and continue to the end of the road past Store Street, which is also called Wharf Street. The park is accessed from the lower parking lot for the Capital Iron and Ocean River Sport stores. There is limited parking in this parking lot or along Wharf Street. City buses travel along Douglas Street in this part of downtown Victoria, B.C.

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