Johnson Street Green

Johnson Street Green

Shore pine, London plane and elm trees shade the three parts of Johnson Street Green. These small landscaped areas are meridians formed by junction of several streets. A section of railway commemorates the Esquimalt Railway. The trees provide shade over the benches and the statue of Michael C. Williams designed with a friendly repose. This busy area of Old Town Victoria was envisioned by Mr. Williams, a business man, who shaped the Swans Hotel and Brewpub, just across Pandora Street, by redeveloping an old “ugly duckling” warehouse. Johnson Street Green is located near Reeson Regional Park and Canoe Cub Boardwalk.


Geographic coordinates N48° 25′ 41” W123° 22′ 11″


Johnson Street Green can be reached Blanchard Street. Turn left onto Pandora Street and just before the bridge make a sharp right turn onto Store Street parking area. The Green is to your left. Several city buses provide access to this Old Town area of Victoria, B.C.



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