Reeson Regional Park

Reeson Park wharf view Reeson Park Wyland

Located next to the Wyland wall mural of Orca whales along Wharf Street, Reeson Regional Park is a waterfront park near the Johnston Street Bridge, Victoria, B.C. Reeson Park has a large concrete and rock promenade and view point along the sidewalk of Wharf Street. The rock and grassy area just below the sidewalk are great places to enjoy the view of the harbour and to enjoy a stroll along the waterfront toward downtown, via the David Foster Way, or across the bridge to Westsong Walkway. This park, donated by Gorden Reeson and Peter Pollen, has a couple of large granite outcrops with several benches over a sloped terrain. Embedded into one of the rocks is a large mooring ring, which dates back to a time before the wharfs were aligned along the shore and ships would use a two point anchoring system. A row of large shore pine trees are along the north side of the park. Take a moment or two appreciate the magnitude of the mural of the group of A-pod whales on the wall of Victoria Regent Hotel at 1250 Wharf Street; it is a large rectangle of fifty meters by forty meters. This park is close to Johnson Street Green, Bastion Square and Centennial Square. Reeson Landing is along the walkway from Reeson Park to Wharf Street docks; this walkway forms a section of the David Foster Way along Victoria’s Harbour. Bastion Square, Customs House Green Space Ship Point Park and the Canoe Club Boardwalk are nearby.

Geographic coordinates N48° 25′ 38” W123° 22′ 16″

Reeson Regional Park can be reached from Blanchard Street. Turn right onto Johnson street. Continue to Wharf Street where you turn left. The park is near the corner of Wharf and Johnston Street. There is limited roadside parking. City buses travel along Johnston street.


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