Bastion Square, Victoria, B.C.

Bastion Square GreenBastion Square is an open air courtyard along the road right of way for View Street in downtown Victoria, B.C., between Government Street, Langley Street and Wharf Street. There are terrific views of the waters of the Inner Harbor and many wonderful shops and restaurants. Hanging flower baskets, boxwood hedges and a few small trees add texture to the concrete and brick causeway and can be enjoyed from numerous benches. The unique outdoor sculpture called the ‘Commerce Canoe’, by artist Illarion Gallant, is a huge aluminum canoe and a few reeds with fiberglass cattails, and commemorates an early mode of transportation. The nineteen o-six light beacon, a lantern with Fresnel lens, from Trial Island Light house is located outside the Maritime Museum of British Columbia. This eighteen eighty-nine building was the former court house for the region. Reeson Regional Park, Johnson Street Green and Canoe Club Boardwalk are along the David Foster Way to the north. Customs House Green and Victoria Harbour Causeway to the south.


Geographic coordinates N48° 25′ 33” W123° 22′ 11″


Bastion Square can be reached Blanchard Street. Turn right onto Pandora Street then right onto Wharf Street. The square is seen to the left between 8 and 15 Wharf Street. There is limited roadside parking along Wharf Street. A large parking area below Wharf Street is accessible near the junction with Fort Street. City buses travel along Douglas Street.

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