British Columbia Parliament Building – Lawn

Parliament Building empress tree 2 Parliament Building sequoia

Lawns with some lovely landscaped garden form the grounds on the north side of the British Columbia Parliament Building and complement the majestic neo-gothic architecture of the building. Several monuments like the Douglas Obelisk, a statue of Queen Victoria and a Knowledge Totem pole are found here as well as the cenotaph and a fountain. The eight meter tall marble obelisk acknowledges the father of British Columbia, James Douglas. The bronze statue of Queen Victoria stands four meters tall and was raised in nineteen twenty one. The totem pole symbolizes the teacher, interpreter and player with a loon, fisherman and frog carves in the cedar pole. The cenotaph, composed of Nelson Island granite, hosts a statue of the Unknown Soldier and honors Canadians who died in the wars. The semi circle driveway has oak trees and an empress tree, or royal paulownia, gifted in nineteen ninety five. A giant redwood tree near the obelisk was planted in the eighteen sixties.

Geographic coordinates N48° 25′ 14” W123° 22′ 14″

Parliament Building Lawn can be reached from Blanchard Street. Stay on Blanchard as it curves to become Belleville Street. Continue along Belleville Street past the building’s lawn and look for parking along side streets. There is limited roadside parking and most of it is pay parking in downtown Victoria.


Maps, photographs and a walking tour of the Parliament Building gardens can be found on the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia website.


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