Quadra Park

Quadra Park 8 Quadra Park 6

Along Belleville Street, near Owsego Street, in downtown Victoria, B.C., is a landscaped park with a statue of an explorer: Juan Francisco de la Bodega y Quadra. Captain Quadra explored the west Coast of North America for the Spanish Royal Navy in seventeen seventies onboard the frigate Sonora. His name has been favored for Quadra Street in Victoria, B.C., and Quadra Island, which lies east of Vancouver Island across from Campbell River. This statue makes this park a popular historical waypoint and geocashe site. The footpath, about a hundred meters, curves and circles throughout the gardens with rhododendrons, birch, Garry oak and other trees. Quadra Park is close to several hotels and many other parks and green spaces including Belleville Street Green, Centennial Park, Laurel Point Park, David Foster Way, Confederation Garden Plaza, Parliament Buildings Gardens, Thunderbird Park, Irving Park, South Park, Empress Hotel Gardens, Cridge Park and Beacon Hill Park.

Geographic coordinates N48° 25′ 17” W123° 22′ 16″

Quadra Park can be reached from Blanchard Street. As Blanchard Street curves to become Belleville Street continue along it to reach Oswego Street. Turn left onto Oswego Street to reach this downtown park which lies on the corner of Oswego and Belleville streets. There is limited roadside parking.


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