Kingston Street Walkway

Kingston Street Walkway is a twenty five meter paved walkway that leads to the David Foster Way, a footpath along the south shore of  the harbour of Victoria, B.C., from Barclay Point to Ogden Point. This pathway leads down the road access, off Kingston Street, to the shops near the marina of the Coast Harbourside Hotel and beside the Wyndham Vacation towers. There are many other places to enjoy the outdoors and explore nature that are near Kingston Street Walkway like the Heron Cove Park. This also includes Kingston Superior Green Space, Fisherman’s Wharf Park, Heron Street Green Space, the Canadian Coast Guard Rooftop Garden and Green Space, Ogden Point Park and Walkway, Holland Point Park, MacDonald Park, Earnest Todd Park, James Bay Community School Green Space, Todd Park, and James Bay Allotment Garden.

Geographic coordinates N48° 25′ 19” W123° 22′ 49″

Kingston Street Walkway can be reached Blanchard Street. Continue along as Blanchard Street curves to become Belleville Street. Turn left on Douglas Street and then right onto Superior Street. Continue along Superior Street until the junction with St. Lawrence Street. Turn right onto St Lawrence which immediately doubles back to become Kingston Street. The walkway is between buildings 120 and 146. City buses provide service to Fisherman’s Wharf and James Bay area from downtown Victoria.


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