Menzies Sixtyfour Green Space

Menzies Sixtyfour Green Space 10 Menzies Sixtyfour Green Space 6

This concrete pathway provides access to the end of Lewis Street when you are walking inyour backyard. The sixty meter long walkway is along a chain link fence and parking area of the apartment complex and the wooden fence and garden of 64 Menzies Street. This pathway is used by dog walker and hikers in the James Bay community of Victoria, B.C. Lewis and Holland Point parks are south along Lewis Street while Irving Park is northward along Menzies Street.

Geographic coordinates N48° 24′ 49” W123° 22′ 24″ from Menzies Street

Menzies Sixtyfour Green Space can be reached from Blanchard Street. Continue onto Belleville Street as Blanchard Street curves toward Douglas Street. Turn left onto Douglas Street and follow past Beacon Hill Park to Niagara Street. At Niagara Street turn right and go about four streets blocks to reach Menzies Street. The pathway is between the apartment complex and home number 64. There is limited roadside parking along Menzies Road. City buses travels through James Bay area near this park.


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