Collinson Street Green Space

This grass covered green space was the road right of way for Collinson Street located in Fairfield-James Bay communities of Victoria, B.C. A ten meter pathway connects the sidewalks on both sides of Collinson Street to Quadra Street. The low chain and concrete post fence protects the trees that grow along Quadra Street. This green space is a wonderful walking route to the green space on the western end of McClure Street, which is northward up the hill, and to the gardens of both Mt. St. Mary Hospital and St Ann’s Academy. Fairfield Road Quadra Street Green Space lies west across Quadra Street.

Geographic coordinates N48° 25′ 11” W123° 21′ 37″

Collinson Street Green Space can be reached from Blanchard Street. Turn left onto Collinson Street and continue to Quadra Street. The green space is directly across Quadra Street to the road right of way for Collinson Street. There is limited roadside parking along Quadra and Collinson streets, both which host single family houses, multiplexes and apartment buildings. City buses travel to the green space from downtown Victoria.


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