Central Middle School Green Space, Victoria, BC

Central Middle School Playground

Two hectares of sports field and outdoor space complement the upgraded buildings of Central Middle School, part of the Victoria School District 61 lands. This central location boasts as the origin for the school system in Victoria as it hosted the first public school, high school and college starting back in the mid eighteen fifties. The school building was rebuilt in 1954 and underwent seismic upgrades in 2010. The grass covered sports field area is just large enough for two games simultaneously. Separately slight from the other marked asphalt areas are two basketball courts which have three point lines. Bonus! The playground is on wood chip base and has a series of platforms connected with monkey bars, balancing steps and climbing apparatus. The green space is shaded by a few tall Garry oak trees. The perimeter of the school grounds is enhanced by the colorful ornamental Japanese plum trees which constrict nicely with the mountain ash, cedar, London plane and black locust trees. As a school yard, this green space has limited access during school hours.

Geographic coordinates N48° 25′ 28” W13° 20′ 49″

Central Middle School Green Space can be reached from Blanchard Street. Turn east onto Fort Street and follow along to turn left onto Ormond Street or left at the junction with Fernwood, which is just before the Yates Street intersection with Fort Street. Central Middle School lies between Yates and Fort streets. While roadside parking can be found along Yates Street, there is a small parking area off of Fort Street. City buses travel along Fort Street from downtown Victoria.


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