Hollywood Place Green Space

Hollywood Place view

Hollywood Place Green Space

A view of the beach from your car is just possible from Hollywood Place. Hollywood Place ends a ridge with a view westward over Ross Bay and toward Clover Point along Dallas Road. There is no access to beach from here but there is a large shore pine and plenty of blackberry bushes. Little Ross Bay Green is around the homes to the east and Hollywood Crescent Green Space, with access to the rock shore, is to the west.

Geographic coordinates N48° 24′ 33” W123° 20′ 9″

Hollywood Place Green Space can be reached from Blanchard Street. Turn east onto Fairfield Road and follow along to St Charles Street in Fairfield. Turn right onto St Charles Street then at the junction with Dallas Road, turn left onto Dallas Road which curves to become Hollywood Crescent. Hollywood Place is to the left on the curve in the road about three houses along. Turn right and continue to the end of the Hollywood Place to the white barrier. There is limited roadside parking along Hollywood Place. City buses travel along Fairfield Road from downtown Victoria.


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