Terrace Park

Terrace Park

This small natural Garry oak tree meadow is a peace park along the narrow Terrace Avenue in Victoria, BC. The parkland has a large rocky outcrop in its one tenth of a hectare area. The pathways to the benches are discrete and rough although one is made of square concrete stepping stones. The large Garry oak trees provide a feeling of solitude. As the park is slightly up the hill from the busy streets of Victoria it is reasonably quiet for an urban parkland. The wooden fences of the residential homes and an apartment building border three quarters of the parkland. Verrinder Park, Pandora Street Green Space and Stadacona Park are two blocks west along Oak Bay and Pandora Avenue. Leighton Avenue Green Space is east along Oak Bay Avenue.

Geographic coordinates N48° 25′ 29” W123° 20′ 7″

Terrace Park can be reached from Blanchard Street. Turn east onto Fort Street. Turn onto Oak Bay Avenue continue about two blocks then turn left onto Terrace Avenue. As this road is easy to miss turn left onto Rockland Avenue and take the third street to the left onto Terrace Avenue The park on the near  979 Terrace Avenue. There is limited roadside parking on this narrow urban road. City buses travel along Oak Bay Avenue between downtown and the University of Victoria.

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